Interview 4 --- ( @BenCarey )

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Note — All the words in bold and insets in <….> are A/Ns.

--> Pic on side is of Ben Carey. He probably looks better as a Vampire ;) Check out his cover of “First Blood” *evil smirk*

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Ben Carey = Sweet, Friendly, Intelligent, Sci-Fi crazy, Extremely organized & responsible, Straight-laced, a Quidditch fan and Innocent.

Wait, did I say innocent? Scratch that! He’s not that innocent, in fact he can be quite cheeky once you get to know him.

Most of his works are short stories with a twist, “Blink” being the most popular and also his touching work. It’s almost always on the “What’s Hot” list. He has a long list of great short stories like “One Small step”, “New Age Beauty”, “Toxicity” and many others.

 He is probably the best short story writer on here dealing with science fiction. One complaint most fans have is his stories end too soon, leaving them yearning for more.


Let’s see what Bennie’s (oopsie!) I meant Ben’s best friend Sarah has to say about him:-

Sarah--- Ben is a weirdo. He goes to bed late and wakes up early. He doesn’t drink coffee or energy drinks or even alcohol; I really don’t know how he does it. Did I mention that he doesn’t drink soft drink either? What a weirdo! <true that *cheeky grin*> He has slight OCD when it comes to certain things, particularly bookshelves and stuff like that; they must be in alphabetical order or he probably couldn’t sleep at night. I’ve known him for like 15 years and he gets crazier each and every year. But I love that about him. <awww>



Q. Introduce yourself to earthlings in one line

A. I am Ben Carey. I like winter, the colour blue, and the smell of books.

Q. Your 3 best and 3 worst qualities?

A. Best: creative, caring, good listener.

    Worst: easily bored, often cynical, can be defensive.

Q. Your 3 pet peeves?

A.    1. Wet socks! I fu*king hate wet socks!

 2. Soup spoons. I don’t understand why they can’t be oval shaped like every other spoon. I don’t like that they are perfectly round. They feel weird in your mouth. I don’t trust them. <You don’t trust soup spoons? Weirdo!>

3. Misaligned pictured frames or tangled earphones.


Q. Your fave work by self?

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