Chapter 23

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She looks like she's about to have the best night of her life. Cover by sensual_ ❤️

I was worn out by the time I got home. After the Roman incident, I went back to the castle to figure out which part of the castle we would stay in if we moved. Alesandro was with Eli's parents, whom I still had yet to meet, and since Eli was gone, I had the house to myself. Pulling out my keys, I unlocked my door and stepped into the dark foyer, closing and locking the door behind me.

While I tossed my keys onto the stand by the door, I thought about the fact that I could have just teleported inside, but I was so used to being human, it was just natural to actually use the door. Reaching over the sofa, I turned on the lamp and a flash of white caught my eye.

A scream slipped through my lips when I spotted Damien leaning against the wall, his black eyes glassy and red. "What the fuck, Damien!" I yelled, clutching my chest to still my frantic heart. "You startled me." He didn't respond, or even move. I narrowed my eyes and walked towards him, taking in his haggard appearance.

His white hair was wild, as if he had run his fingers through it too many times. His black shirt had holes in it, which weren't there before. He wasn't wearing any shoes and my eyes automatically turned to his torso when he finally moved by raising his arm to run his fingers through his hair, exposing the deep v-lines that disappeared into his low hung jeans.

"Are you okay?" I asked, finally standing in front of him. Damien's eyes flitted across my face and his Adam's apple bobbed slowly as he swallowed. That action brought images of me running my tongue across it and I tried to push it away, but I failed. He narrowed his eyes and I was caught off guard when he yanked me towards him, my body crashing into his hard one. "Dami-" His lips covered mine, cutting off my words.

I responded immediately, moving my lips against his like a sex starved animal. Damien grunted when I bit his lip softly and he threaded his fingers into my hair, pressing his lower body into me. Desire shot through me like a burning arrow when I felt his hard member pressing against my pelvis. Just then, I remembered what his eyes looked like and worry seeped into my pores. I reluctantly pulled away from him, but he just continued kissing down my neck.

"Damien, wait." I breathed, my eyes fluttering close when he bit down on the pulse of my neck, sucking the skin into his mouth. "Oh shit..." The fire that was building in the pit of my belly grew and traveling through my veins, causing another flood of wetness between my legs.

"I'm drunk." he finally mumbled, spinning me around so that my back was to his front. I couldn't think straight because he brought his hands around me and dragged his fingers up my sides. "I went to go see my father--my birth father." he whispered, his hot breath hitting the side of my neck. "He's an asshole."

"W-what did he say to you?" I asked, my voice shaky. Damien's kissed the spot where my neck and shoulder connected before stilling for a moment.

"He tried to kill me." With that, he brought his hands to my chest and squeezed hard, making me squirm to get him to continue.

"I didn't know we could get drunk." I said, and he chuckled against my neck, sending deep vibrations down my back. I gasped loudly when he reached down and cupped my sex, heat radiating from it and onto his hand. I squeezed my legs together, an ache throbbing viciously between them.

"We can do anything if we allow ourselves to succumb to it." Damien answered, dragging his middle finger across my clothes covered slit. I whimpered and clutched his arm as his finger sped up, creating mouth-watering friction between my clit and the leggings. Just then, my front door opened and my eyes almost flew out my sockets when I saw Eli walk in.

A noise sounded from me and I cursed internally when he turned his head, finally noticing me and Damien. His eyes narrowed considerably and I watched him take off his shoes before stalking towards us. He was wearing a similar suit to the one he left in, but this was a bit more blue, clinging to his frame like it was a second skin. Just as I was about to open my mouth to make some kind of excuse, Damien slipped his hand into my leggings and drove two fingers inside my sopping center.

"Oh god!" I gasped out, arching my back against him as his fingers drew in and out of me with incredible speed. For a moment, I forgot Eli was in the room until I felt his presence in front of me. "E-Eli. What are you d-doing here?" I asked, hardly able to speak because of the intense pleasure Damien was making me feel. Eli's blue eyes traveled down my body, darkening when he took in where Damien's hand was. "Eli?"

Eli reached out and gripped my chin, his stormy eyes boring into mine. "Stop talking." he ordered, before smashing his lips against mine. I moaned into his mouth as his lips possessively claimed mine, fervently moving, our tongues battling, and our breaths intermingling. Damien didn't stop his fingers and that intense pleasure, coupled with Eli's rough, claiming kiss, made my orgasm rush towards me like a tidal wave.

I briefly wondered why Eli was kissing me, though he knew his brother's (well, his brother who really wasn't his brother) fingers were inside of me. I pushed that thought away because fuck it. I wasn't stopping this.

Damien curved his fingers inside of me, triggering the big 'O'. I cried out into Eli's mouth, clenching hard around Damien's long digits as my orgasm hit me hard, taking my breath away. Or maybe that was just Eli. I wasn't sure. Eli pulled away from me and I slumped back against Damien, shivering at the feeling of him pulling his fingers out of me. My face reddened when I heard him sucking my juices off of them.

Eli pulled away from me and his eyes went over my head, to look at Damien. "Damien." he said, his face hard, void of emotion. I felt Damien shift behind of me, but he didn't move away.

"Eli." Damien responded and they communicated silently before Eli turned his eyes back to me.

"Take off her shirt." Eli ordered and my eyes widened. Wait, what? Damien complied, reaching around to undo the buttons on my shirt, exposing my bra-cladded breasts. Eli's eyes took them in and he reached for me, making me suck in a breath when he tore my bra in half, dragging the straps down my arms.

"W-wait, what are you doing?" I asked when him and Damien switched spots. Damien got on his knees, and pressed his lips to my belly, making me clench hard, while Eli stood off to the side. He snapped his fingers and our clothes disappeared, leaving us all as naked as the day we were born.

"Giving you what you want."

Can somebody say, threesome? ;)

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