Chapter 18: Bond✔️

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It is not the cottage that we now make our way towards, his steps gliding quickly across the ground, bare feet making little to no sound as we descend a staircase of stone, but a cavern that he seems to know well by the way he doesn't hesitate as we traipse deeper and deeper into the dark.

My skin has started to heat, burning me, urging me to complete a task that we had promised not to do, a task that we had wanted to reintroduce in time.

It seems that nature won't allow for this though, won't stand for the distance we have been placing between this bond as I start to feel his body trembling, his mind fighting against it and failing quickly.

Shaky lips try to speak, but my words are silenced when I notice the light up ahead.

It's a soft glow, flowing and yet still and as we round a corner we are met with the source of it: a small pool of cerulean waters.

The stone surrounding it is like nothing I've seen, molded and yet natural, blocks and stones carved into the cavern walls. It's beauty incomparable to anything I've ever seen.

"What-" My shaky lips finally seem to register sound, and it echoes like a melody around us, creating a soft musical note that seems never ending.

Rhovan does not answer me out loud, but I can feel his answer in my mind as he shakily sets me down, not letting me move far from his grasp.

'The cave of melody, it is beautiful is it not?'

I do not answer as I can feel his grip, his restraint fading fast, my skin starting to scorch me, sweat dripping from my body, moisture pooling between my thighs as he wraps an arm around my waist, gently pulling me against him.

His lips at my ear, hovering above the tip, breath rushing over it, making my knees quake and give out as his tongue snakes around it, sucking it into his mouth, a moan filling the room as he gives in to his body's push on nature little by little.

'Have I ever told ya how mesmerizin' ya are?'

His voice in my head has me going pliant in his arms, unable to hold my own weight, shivering as his lips attack my neck in gentle nips. If he were fully elven, he might even let his fangs rip into the delicate flesh there, claiming me in a brutal show.

'Oh I can be as brutal as ya'd like ya errant imp.'  And his lips find the crook of my neck as his hands find their way to my nipples, sliding around them until his teeth plant themselves deliciously into my skin as his fingers pinch my nipples so hard that I scream in an agonizing pleasure that echoes around us.

That seems to break whatever hold on himself he must have had because in the next second, I'm sitting on the edge of the pool of water, my bare arse cold against the stone as Rhovan steps in, his body immediately planting itself between my thighs, our heads almost level now.

Large hands burry into my braid, tangling my hair and pulling until I gasp and his lips find mine, tongue battling my own. I let him in freely, my body suctioning to his, my hands feathering against his chest, down his waist, digging into his hips with sharp nails, my magic flowing through me like a drug. His own groans are a delight to my ears, mixing into mine, creating a melody that drifts around us.

My hair is soon free and his lips are making a path down my body, hips rolling into mine as they meet the tip of one breast, suckling and biting, hands holding me like I am a delicate flower as his mouth shows me how rough he can be, that he can be just as rough as any pure bread elf.

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