Sitting opposite the principal I fiddle with the ring around my finger while he fills out the document in front of me

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Sitting opposite the principal I fiddle with the ring around my finger while he fills out the document in front of me. I can feel my palms sweating in the slightest while my heart rate is above average at the moment. Am I really about to lie to protect Rhys?

"Alright. Now that I have Mr Farnell's statement I'll need your account on what happened," Mr Burton asks and pulls out a new sheet of paper. "Please explain what happened in thorough detail from the end of third period."

"Kira! Would you slow down?"

Ignoring Taylor I stand to my feet, tugging the zip across I spare a glance at Rhys. He moves just as quickly clearly wanting to talk to me. All lesson he was trying to get my attention whether it was tiny bits of a rubber, paper or even moving his chair back when Taylor went to the bathroom.

The phrase "we need to talk about yesterday after class." was enough for me to want to flee. I don't want to talk to him at the moment and especially not over yesterday. For some reason I don't think it was purely over our talk, I have a feeling it was about Brian.

I'm actually 99% sure it's over Brian because that Lachlan guy - he's best friends with Rhys - something I discovered that afternoon. It wouldn't surprise me if he heard me fire up and recited it to him. Or he heard from the rumors that I had a mental breakdown courtesy of Brian.

Either way, I don't want to acknowledge it.

By the time I'm at my locker I can feel my chest rising and falling a little faster from power walking through the hoards of students. I stop and put in my combination when my fingers graze over the metal that's imprinted with the insults.

Even though Blair's brother scraped the metal off and painted over it, some words are still engraved into it. It's not the greatest but if I don't pay attention too long then I'm fine.

Just as I unload my stuff I notice a pair of shoes hiding behind the door of my locker. "I think you running away was a stupid move. Especially considering I know where your locker is."

"I really don't want to talk about it." I close my locker, reluctantly meeting eyes with Rhys.

He leans against the adjacent locker before crossing his arms. "I don't care if you don't want to. I want to know what he said to you."

"It doesn't-"

"Yes it does because I want to know whether his payback is justified," He clucks his tongue while I feel my jaw drop. "If not then I guess I'll just have to do something else to get him to be silent instead of running his mouth."

"What did you do to him?" Rhys raises an eyebrow waiting for me to answer him first. I exhale out of annoyance before answering. "He said some things that would really hurt. He knows because our mom's used to be friends, we were as well but there's no need for details. We aren't anymore obviously-"

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