Chapter 8: Awake

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~Otabeks POV~

I ran faster than I ever thought was possible, and for longer than I fever thought was possible. The whole time I undeniably knew I was being stupid. I know not a single thing about Yuri yet I felt as though I need to spend 10 eternities with him.
My mind was racing.
'What will he think of me. Will I seem weird. What if he hates me and never wants to see me again.'
Many thoughts swirled in head while I continue to run and knowing I won't get a clear answer until I see Yuri for myself.

I finally reach the  hospital and burst through the doors. The nurse at the desk recognized me and pointed as to where Yuri was.
My heart was racing and my mind was completely unsteady.
I was now facing the door and I couldn't move. I had to force myself to open the door.
When I opened the door I saw Dr. Nikiforov. Next to him was the most innocent, beauty. I felt like I was blessed by angels to even lay eyes on him.
"H-hi Ot-abek. I'm Yuri."
He seemed so nervous but his vice sounded of a million golden bells.

~Yuri's POV~

I was finally getting my breathing to become normal and getting some what comfortable I guess. I couldn't remember anything. Not a single thing about anything. Well there were two things. Only one of which I could explain which was my name; Yuri Plisetsky. The other was a feeling of warmth that was from a person I could tell. The only thing is that everyone was so cold. So I didn't know who it was.
Dr. Nikiforov was telling me about how someone named Otabek Altin was arriving shortly to take care of me. He also told me that I had a Mom and a Dad? I didn't know what he meant and I didn't really care so
much anyway. I just thought how I liked how his name sounded. It was cute. Otabek Altin~
Just then the steel door glided open to reveal someone of a god. I instantly could tell that it was Otabek. I don't know why but I just could.
"H-hi Otabek. I'm Yuri."
I was obviously kind of nerves and my voice was still scratchy. He seemed to have blushed when I said that. Hmm, how cute.
As he walked closer I could feel warmth.
"Nice to finally meet you Yuri."
I hummed in response. I was very excited for some reason.
Dr. Nikiforov left my room to go do his doctors things and so I could talk to Otabek I guess.
Otabek helped me up so I could walk around a bit.
"Um Yuri do you know why your here? Did the doctor explain anything to you."
"Yep! He told me how your my emergency contact so that's why your here now. Also that I had a mom and a dad but they died in a car crash. I guess that's sad but I don't even remember anything... He also told me that I get to live with you!"

~Otabeks POV~

Woah wait what?! I was never told this!! My parents would be pissed. There is no way I could just say no and dump him. He had nowhere else to go! Ugh this is going to be difficult.
"Yeah! You get to live with me."
He gave me the sweetest smile. Ugh he was so cute.

~TIME SKIP there at Otabek's house now~

On the was back to my house I told Yuri a lot about the accident and what had happened. I didn't exactly tell him that I kissed him and then he woke up but ya know that's not important, right?
When we got back home it was  only 3P.M
"Hey Yuri are you hungry or anything? Want some water?"
"Ummm Yeah! I'll help you make something. Or I'll try to I guesss hmm!"
"Ok great! "
We made some salad and I told him about school and life and simple things like that.
We talked and talked and talk about so many things. I feel like I've know him forever now. It was now 10P.M some how.
"Hey beka?"
Yeah we already made nick names for each other. I don't really know when that happened but it just kinda did.
"I'm kinda of tired where should I sleep?"
For someone who was just in coma for 7 years the last thing I would expect them to be is tired.
"Oh ok I'll get you some sleeping cloths and stuff I'll be right back Yura!"
Even thought I told him that I'll be back he followed me around the entire time. Not like I minded. I actually thought it was cute. He was like a kitten.
I got some of my smaller, older clothing to fit Yuras smaller frame along with a hair brush and a tooth brush. I have him his things. We both began to change and I brushed my hair but it seemed like he was copying just about everything I was doing. He looked lost.
"Hey Yura? Do you want me to brush your hair for you?"
He seemed to be struggling with his hair that had grown to his hips.
"Haha yeah that would be great thanks!"
He sat in front of me cris cross on my bed and he wrapped my legs around him. I didn't mind really.
I brushed his hair starting at the bottom and making my way to the top to detangle his hair gently. I herd the slightest breath and realized he was sleeping. I laid him down on my bed so he could sleep peacefully but my arm was stuck under him. I was tiered myself also so I just fell asleep like that next to this Sleeping Beauty.

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