Chapter 22

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Another cover by sensual_ . Told y'all she made a lot xD
Alesandro showed me where the park was and by the time we got there, kids were running around the different stations, screaming with laughter. It was almost like a carnival, with different food stations and games, enough for the kids and the parents. I could immediately tell that everyone here was some type of supernatural being.

Demons and witches alike littered the area and the moment we teleported onto the scene, all eyes turned to us and everyone got silent. Alesandro gripped my hand tightly, and unease from him drifted over to me, from how the hundreds of people here stared at us.

"Queen Alice. Prince Alesandro. Welcome." A man greeted, smiling hugely at us. I smiled back, sensing his warm personality. Nothing about him seemed alarming or threatening.

"Thank you." I answered and I watched as he bowed his head. "Please, no need to bow." I looked at the crowd and saw some people already bowing. "Everyone. Forget formalities. Just have fun, okay?" The people smiled and went back to what they were doing, the roar of family fun rushing back at full force. I looked down at Alesandro, who was looking around excitedly, bouncing on his toes. "Where do you want to start?"

He took me to every station twice, ate more than his body weight, and still had energy to do more. After two hours, he finally went to the sandbox, where two other kids were playing. I sat back on the bench, next to a woman, who was smiling, probably at her kid.

"Worn out?" I glanced over at the woman who spoke, smiling wearily.

"Hell, yeah. My son has an infinite amount of energy. I could barely keep up." I answered, chuckling. The woman laughed, the corner of her eyes crinkling. She looked fairly young, and when I took in her scent, I frowned. She wasn't a demon or a witch. Her hair was light brown and she had the greenest eyes I'd ever seen. She was beautiful.

"I understand. My son is the same way. All he wants to do is fly everywhere now that he knows how to." she explained and I frowned. Fly?

"Which one is he?" I asked and she pointed to the little boy that was building a castle with Alesandro. He seemed to be about a year younger than my son, but his energy was equal. They were speaking rapidly, and Alesandro shoved the shovel deep into the sand, but with so much force, that it snapped in half.

The lady's son pouted and Alesandro said something to him before disappearing, returning a second later with two more shovels. He held them up, grinning and I shook my head at the action.

"Alesandro!" I called out and he looked over at me, a guilty look coming over his face. "You already know the rules."

"But, mom-"

"No buts. Return them." I said and he gave me a mad look, but did as I said, teleporting back to wherever he got the shovels and came back, waving his hand over the broken shovel, fixing it. The lady beside me laughed at the interaction.

"That's so cute. My son does the same thing." She looked at her son with such adoration, it warmed my heart.

"You said your son could fly?" I asked, sitting back to hear her answer. She turned her eyes to me and nodded.

"Yes, he inherited my wings, though he seems fully demon because of his father." She leaned forward and my jaw dropped when I watched large grey wings unfurl from her back. She was like Mellie. "People always ask what I am and I just say an experiment gone right." she said chuckling as she retracted her wings.

"My friend says the same thing." I said, still in awe.

"Oh, I know. I got it from her. Mellie, right?"

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