Park Cooties XD

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This is actually a true story from my life! (Like legit!) Sorry for being so late... Honestly school sucks lollipops for me right now! (Yes unfortunately I'm a student...) Anyway lets get on with the awesome story!


(Gabe/My P.O.V)

      I woke up this morning freaking tired. I begged my mom for coffee, obviously it didn't work since my usual lively eyes are souless. My mom decided to take me to the park to freshen me up a little. I called my homies, Jake, Tom and Ty(From Tyrone).

   My homies arrived around 5 minutes later, we were neighbors so it didn't take long. And so my awesome erotic(Not that much) eye raping began. Honestly for those of you who are young... I don't think this will harm you THAT much but just be warned... But it's actually hilarious...

"Hey what park do ya guys want to go to?". I asked. (We had two parks around)

"I wanna go to the bigger one...", Ty said and everyone else agreed.

Once we got there we kinda ran away from the adults(I was Like around 8 years old) Okay so before I tell you what happened next I gotta tell you that I found my park paradise I called, " Teletubies"(Why? I don't know... I was a freaking maniac back then) and It was a great place... Lush green grass, yellow flowers and woody park benches. My own paradise... Lol I sounded so romantic just now and I didn't even notice that shit.

And so yeah... Let me continue where me and my homies ran away from the adults... So I decided to show them "Teletubies" so I was like, "Follow me my fellow companions" And they followed me being my bitches and all... Well there's a hill that you have to climb to get there so we were climbing like normal humans... Until... As we were nearing the top...

"OMG!!! Duck!!!", I whisper shouted..... My Homies and I did so and they looked at me for answers. I simply pointed at one of the park benches... And their mouths dropped (I could of sworn a bug got in Tom's mouth...)

On that particular bench a guy with a girl on his lap(facing him) were having a make out session! It looked steamy! (Yup people I was a perv of a kid so I knew what was going on... I watched porn so what do you expect? Kids don't Google that...)

We slowly creeped up like bosses without them noticing a thing... Then got hella bored...

"Hey I know this is sexy and shit but I have an idea...", I told them...

So I told them to scream out loud like they saw something they've never seen before and they'd never heard of porn(Once again kids don't look that shit up).

And we screamed like chicks and they totally freaked out!!! The guy started cussing like crazy! And they ran away!

And so we became legend... Ever since then no couples were found on that very park...

-------------------------------------The End

So what did ya guys think? Thanks for reading bro!

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