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001. ❛ we declare walter hardy...

THE COURT WAS IN SESSION AGAINST WALTER HARDY FOR THE CHARGES OF THEFT AND BURGLARY. HE WAS THE CITY'S RENOWNED CAT BURGLAR; A MAN WHO KNEW NOTHING BUT STEALING. TOO FOCUSED ON HIS CRAFT, NO EMOTIONS RESONATED THROUGH THE MAN'S HEART. THAT WAS UNTIL HE MET LYDIA. Of course, no man or woman for that matter, could change so drastically in so little time. Although Walter couldn't leave his roots behind, a bundle of joy was introduced into his life; a beautiful daughter named Felicia.

He would raise the girl as if she were the The Queen of England, and spoiler his little girl with the side job he still had on the side. Yet even though he had recessed his stealing skills to only when it really mattered, certain ends couldn't meet with little income coming from Lydia's side. Fights would break out between her parents, and eventually leading Walter back to his criminal instincts.

Leading them to present day, where her father was put to trial on his crimes for being caught stealing from an official on the Upper East Side.

A loud closing of the door resonated the court room, as a young woman with a hat hiding her face sat in the back pew. Her blonde hair swept to the side, and dark black glasses masking her appearance even further. Once the attention was deviated from the mysterious woman, the shades came off and revealed the young girl that looked up to her father. Even sneaking away from her mother to appear at her father's trial was painful to do, because she sided with the man that was a criminal.

Her mother withheld the information of her father's trial, saying that he had died in a plane crash. Only doing it for her own good, she kept Felicia from finding out from any source of media that her father had been captured. However, serpents at her school loved to talk gossip and the hallways erupted when Felicia walked in; speaking of the type of father that she had.

Watching her father form afar, she tried to not emote at all. Felicia didn't want to give her father the benefit of the doubt, but she knew what he did was wrong. Yet she didn't want to live without her father; regardless of being a criminal Felicia didn't know what it was to not be without her father.

Felicia clasped her hands together, unknowingly praying that her father would be pardoned of all charges. She wasn't going to fool herself, because she knew that the justice system was going to condemn her father for the crimes he committed.

"I, Judge Hawthorne, rule that Mr. Walter Hardy is hereby sentenced to 21 years to prison on the charges of theft and burglary." The judge sentenced and she could immediately see her father's head being lowered. "Also giving full custody of Felicia Claudia Hardy to Lydia Hardy."

Walter slammed furiously onto the table, instantly shouting at the judge, "You leave my daughter out of this. She's pure and innocent, and if any one of you lay a finger on her, I swear—"

"Mr. Hardy, I'd respect the person giving you your sentence since threatening an official can be held as an offense." Hawthorne said before banging his gavial on the desk. "Court adjourned."

Walter was cuffed against his struggle, and Felicia could feel a small tear run down her face. Feeling her throat swell up as she tried to resist the tears, Felicia felt herself being surrounded by the sadness. She quickly left the court and bursted out of the building, and continued to race home against the tears.

The million of thoughts that had ran through her mind were of pure sadness, but one that stuck was one of hatred; one towards men.
And it would be one that would never ever leave.

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