Ace's P.O.V. 10

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"Hey, man, what are you doing?" Mason's asks once I pick up my phone.

"I'm home, it's 10 at night, so, what do you think? Why?"

"I'm bored, I was thinking I can go over, I'll pick up Kade, and we can have some drinks?"

"Sure, I was having some beers already but you're welcome to bring some more things."

"Yeah, mhm, I'll see you in 45." I hang up and then I hear my door. I'm confused so I hurry up and open my door to find Mason and Kade.

"Didn't we just? You didn't even give me time to fucking pick up." I say opening the door wider.

"What masturbating?"

"No, I just started watching Dexter and drinking a few beers."

"Hi, Kade."


"Haven't watched it." Mason says walking in a few bags in hand.

"How did he drag you into this?" Kade laughs.

"Something about boys night in? And free drinks, food." I close the door and walk over to the kitchen where I see Mason preparing what looked like tacos.

"Of course, how long have you guys been outside for?"

"15? I don't know, he picked me up and said he wanted to surprise you." Kade answers.

"And you were in?"

"Sure, why not. See some argument between you two? Wouldn't miss it." I laugh and so does Mason.

"Why the surprise Mason?"

"We haven't had one of these in a while, so why not a Saturday night? With my best friend and new best friend?"

"Future bro in law" Mason whispers in my ear.

"So, beer?" I ask Kade already opening one for him handing it to him.


"Here, food." Mason says once he warms up the meat and fixes the tacos.

"So, how's life?"

"Single?" I start coughing.

"You're single?"


"I thought you were taken?"

"No?" Mason laughs.

"Sexual-fucking tension, woohooo" Mason yells.

"I hate you."

"Me too"

"Oh, shut up. Now, how about Dexter?"

After watching 3 more episodes of Dexter, no one wanted to watch tv.

"I'm tired, so I'm going to head to a room."

"Sure" Mason leaves and it's just Kade and I. He looks at me and diverts his eyes.




"What do you want to ask me Ace?"

"Why did you lie?"

"I, I know you've liked me. You already know about my past. So that should explain a lot."

"It does, but I wanted you for awhile. I know I have been a dick and possessive and jealous. A lot, that Lucas was. But I wanted to have more with you. I have all these feelings for you. So pent up since freshman year. I didn't even know I was gay until I first caught a glimpse of you. I used to watch everything you did. Everything you did was so fascinating to me. I don't know how I didn't notice what you were going through. I stared at you for hours. I still remember one time we were in the auditorium at school and I don't even know what it was about, all I know is that you were I remember. I just stared at you for the whole 2 hours. I was caught by Mason, he teased me since he saw who I was looking at, but then let it go. I know, I shouldn't be telling you this just a week after everything I heard, but I can't control everything I feel."

"W-w-why have you felt something for me? For so damn long."

"True feelings don't just go away because you don't see a person. I didn't even know your damn name and I was head over heels for you."

"You're crazy"

"Crazy about you? Hell yeah." He laughs and lays his head on my thigh.

"You're cute for sure. I wish I could remember you from high school I just can't." I thread my fingers through Kade's hair and drink more beer.

"I wish you did. You have no idea how much I'd pay for you too." he giggles.

"Why? I'm not worth a penny. Why would you want to pay for me to remember?"

"Because probably you notice me back then" He gets up and sits next to me, really close.

"It wouldn't have worked out back then and we wouldn't be where we are now. I mean I'm tired, and a little drunk, mostly tired, but I know if I would have noticed you back then I would have hated you now. All you jocks in high school were heartless and always hurt people. So, yes I would have hated you now. I'm glad I never noticed you." He says before kissing my cheek and falling asleep on my shoulder.

"I love you, Kade." I whispered kissing the top of his head. I place my beer can on the table and then pick up Kade before placing him on my bed. I cover him up and then walk around going under the cover myself and falling asleep. 

I feel like it's everywhere? Kade confessed he notices that Ace is cute! So, that should mean something. Let me know what you think. 

I just finished the first season of Dexter and it has me by the fucking heart! I love him. It's difficult not to.

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