Moving and Memories

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Justin's POV

Right now I'm in the car with Tara driving to our house. I've moved sense she las lived with me. Here room is the same so we will have to go shopping to update. I'm so happy she is willing to try and live with me. 

J: "So Tara how are you in school?"

T: "School?"

J: "Yeah the place you go and learn."

T: "Oh yeah school umm I'm okay with school."

J: "Oh really?"

T: "Yup."

J: "I heard you can dance?"

T: "Yeah" She said while looking out the window.

J: "What type of dance I remember when you where little you would go to ballet."

T: "Yeah."

J: "So you still do ballet or something else?"

T: "I still do ballet. I'm on point right now."

J: "Really?"

T: "Yup."

J: "Do you like it?"

T: "It's okay."

J: "It's okay? You know if you don't like it you can awlays change."

T: "My parents made me go, they pushed me."

J: "Oh I see."

T: "But it's my life and my life is a little screwed up so you know it all works out."

J: "I got you."

The rest of the car ride was silent.

As soon as we got to our house I opened the car do for her. 

J: "Welcome home!"

T: "Home?"

J: "Come on, I'll show you around."

I took Tara's hand and lead her up to the house. I opened the door and her eyes grew wide.

J: "It's huge right?"

T: "It's the biggest house I've ever seen."

J: "Haha well come this way to your room."

We walked up the stairs and got to the top and took a left. We got to the third door and I opened it. We walked in and she looked around. 

J: "I know, I know, everything is from when you where little. The outfits the toys, well everything!" 

T: "It's fine." She said while walking around.

J: "Ummm I have someone coming in to redo you're room."

T: "Oh okay, thanks."

I then turned around to help her unpack, I turned around to ask her where she wanted to put her stuff and caught her staring at a picture  beside her bed. It was a picture of Tara and I when she was little.

I walked over to her and chuckled. 

J: "That was the time you first came and saw me at my concert." I said.

T: "Why wasn't I with you?"

J: "You don't remember?"

T: "Nope!"

J: "You wern't able to come because."

T: "Because why?"

J: "Because you had holding therapy." I said then turned around.

T: "Holding therapy?"

J: "Yeah."

T: "Why?" She asked. 

J: "So where do you want these I said trying to get away from that conversation."

T: "Stop! Why did I have holding therapy?"

J: "Tara."

T: "NO WHY!?"


T: "NO!"



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