Ghosts, Spirits, And Spooks! Oh My!

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When you wake up the next morning, you look on either side of you finding that the bed was empty. Sliding off the bed, you walk into the kitchen, finding Killer making breakfast for the two of you. "Goo' mownin'" You yawn, rubbing your eyes a little.

"Morning, are you ready for the brothers today?" He rumbles. You nod.

"I happy to see wha' dey have planned."

"You'll probably have more fun with them." He jokes.

"Noooo. I has fun wit all of you." You laugh lightly, climbing into one of the chairs at the table. "Wha' you make today?"

"French toast." He rumbles with a smile. "And bacon."

"Yum!" You smile widely. "You a weally good cook!"

"I used to cook a lot before I died...." He shrugs, bringing you your plate.

"I smell bacon!" A voice cheers from a different room.

"Quick, eat it." Killer hums. You grab the piece of bacon from your plate, eating it quickly.

"Dis my bacon!" You shout. Luffy, Ace, and Sabo come into the room.

"Shishishi, alright, you can have it."

"Good." You smile, munching on the piece of bacon happily. "How you thwee?"

"We're good, can't wait to spend the day with you!" Ace kisses your cheek. "Sabo got a great schedule for today!"

"Oh weally? Wha' you have planned?" You ask looking up at Sabo.

"It's a surprise." He pokes your cheek.

"Mmm I'm hungry, make me a breakfast too!" Luffy chimes.

"Oh otay." You nod, going back to your toast.

"Alright, just one though." Killer hums.

"So cute." Ace chimes. "I'm going to go pick her outfit for today!"

"Otay." You nod at Ace, finishing your toast. "Tank you Killew." You hum, pushing your plate forward and sliding from your chair. Ace leads you to your room, going through the clothes.

"Hmm. Any requests? I'm thinking kitten." He holds it up. You look at what he was holding, nodding.

"I like dat one." You say, holding your hands out to take it from him so you could change. He gives it to with a smile.

"I'll be outside." He hums before going out and closing the door. You change quickly, smiling at yourself in the mirror once you were done.

"Otay! All done. We go soon?" He opens the door and gushes, scooping you up.

"So cute!" He breathes taking a selfie with you. "Let's get going Luffy! Sabo!" You giggle, latching onto his neck.

"Yeah! I wanna see where we goin'!" Sabo smiles as you return to them.

"Alright, lets-"

"Where the hell is my phone!?" Law slams open the door in annoyance, instantly picking up furniture. "I have looked everywhere for it, and I really want those pictures!" Your eyes widen in shock before you bust into and fit of giggles leaving you hardly able to breathe. It surprised you that it had taken him this long to find that it was missing. You had even forgotten about the whole thing.

"I take! Other day." You manage in between giggles. "Zoro has." He freezes, coming over to you and mushing your face.

"I plan to punish you later for this later." He grumbles. "Now I have to start the impossible task of finding Zoro..." You giggle at him.

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