Author's Note

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Hello, birds and dogs <3

Yes, I have gone mental and decided to start a new FF! This story kept nagging me and asking to be written so the first chapter will be here very, very soon! 

If you have any questions about this story, ask away! 

I'm just quickly going to clarify some things:

* Raven and Corey are not together in this story. They are not bisexual either. Sky is going to be quite shocked about it. XD

* Sang and her boys will be a tiny bit older, because I want Sang to be the same age as Sky.

* Sky is 22 years old, so as Sang and her boys, except for Owen and Sean, who are 24. ( yes, I changed the age difference ;) )

* All the SB boys are 24, except for Axel and Raven, who are 25.

I will start writing the first chapter tomorrow ( June 7th, 2017 ) and probably post tomorrow night or Thursday at the latest, I think. I don't have a specific day for updates. I update when I can and when I'm inspired. It generally doesn't take me long, but please don't hate me if it takes more than a week. <3 * offering you candies and chocolate and... Alright, North! One carrot for you! Geez... *


September 17th, 2017

Hello, wonderful birds and dogs <3
I don't know if you have read The Searchers series by Ripley Proserpina, but if you didn't, you really should! It's amazing and so far there are four books. Why am I mentioning these here? Because I'm adding five guys to Risen Dimension and they happen to be from her books. ;) So, here you go! Sky Risa is going to meet Seok, Matisse, Apollo, Ryan, and Cai soon! If you didn't read The Searchers series, after this, you will want to have those guys real story and awesomeness! I hope I will do them justice. I'm very nervous about it, but I lurrrrv them so much that I need to play with them a little! You can find Ripley's books ( Finding Honor, Finding Nora, Finding Valor and Finding Truth ) on Amazon and iBooks. This is not sponsored hahahaha! ;)  I'll be posting a new chapter today. Love ya'll! xxx <3  

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