Author's Note

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Hey guys! Finally after about 80 chapters I decided to write an author's note. Before saying anything else, I just want to say that, I am not ending the FF so no need to worry!

I started this FF after reading the great works of many of you guys! This story came into my mind and I thought if anyone could write one, then why can't I. And with that thought I began my journey in writing this story.

I have always been a horrible writer in school so I was not sure how this story was going to turn out or even if I would make it past 10 parts. I am surprised by the reaction I got. But most importantly I am overwhelmed by the love and support that I have received from my readers. You guys have been a huge part in this story and inspired me to continue to write.

This story has become a huge part of my life now, since I have been writing a small portion of it basically every day! And I would like to continue writing for as long as I can too!

I just want to say a little bit about myself. I am from America and I am a college student, trying to become a computer engineer one day!! I have been writing this story here at my college which is alway from my home.

However, my college year is coming to an end which means that I will have to go back home. I am going to be on vacations for a couple of months now and was confused on what to do about this story!! And I definitely don't want to end it unless that is what you all want.

I cannot update every day like I do right now, so I have come to a compromise and decided that I will be updating only two times a week (Tuesday and Thursday) started from next week, June 20. Don't worry, you guys still have a whole week left of daily updates but unfortunately it will be the last.

I hate to do this to you all, especially since you guys have always praised how I update daily, but I will be going home to my family and won't be getting as much alone time to write. I promise to make the updates longer to make it up to all of you.

I hope I am not disappointing anyone and I hope everyone understands the situation. I will be continuing this story as well as my other book of short stories.


Starting June 20, I will update a new part on Tuesdays and Thursday.

Also the time I update will be different too. I will update at 9:00 PM Pacific Time Zone. This is around 9:00 AM if you are in India.

I would like to take a moment to thank some people who have been a big part of my journey as a writer. I am sorry if I left anyone out!! Honestly everyone was a big help in the success of this story and it would take me days to write out all of your names! I just want to say THANK YOU to all of my readers, voters, and commenters. Your opinions and words mean the world to me and I'm so glad I started this FF so I could interact with all of you!


MariaCreation_ (thanks for all of the edits and support!!)

crazypiya (thanks for being my inspiration in starting this story)

RakshaSolanki (thanks for supporting me since day 1)



FaizaKarim (thanks for your kind words)


BhaviMehta4 (thanks for all your kind words)

MeeraPatel439 (love hearing from you!)

HarshiArora1 (thanks for all the kind words, I really love hearing from you)

nidaali48 (thanks for the love and support)




AthiraNP (thanks for all the help)

nahisa123456789 (thanks for all the suggestions)

Akhilajo06 (thanks for being one of my biggest inspirations in writing his FF, your stories are amazing)


Fattukhuzema (thanks for the support ever since I started)

Afreen_khan12 (thank you for all of the kind words)

Arshnoor114 (thanks for all the kind words)


SnehaChakraborty1 (thanks for the love and support)

sneha821 (thanks for all the love and support, love hearing from you)




Sorry if I left anyone out!! 

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