Chapter 15

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Nash's P.O.V
I scoop Izzy up and thank George before I jump out of the car and start my way up to the hotel room. I am covered in sweat and blood from all of Izzy's cuts. She shudders every now and then but doesn't talk or move. I open the door to 10 frantic people on the floor and beds. I ignore all the questions and carry Izzy into the bathroom. I sit her on the sink and grab a hand towel. When I touch it to the gash on Izzy's forehead she flinches. "Izzy, I'm sorry if this hurts but I need to clean it." She nods her head and let's me continue. Once I'm done with her head I lift her shirt up to reveal scrapes along her stomach and sides. While I am cleaning them there is a knock on the door and I can hear Cam on the other side. I open the door to reveal a puffy eyed Cameron. I let him in and close the door. When he sees Izzy he falls into a heap on the floor and cries. I bend down and help him up. He walks over to Izzy and runs his hand on the side of her face. "I-I said I wouldn't let anything happen to you, and I failed. I am so so sorry." His eyes begin to water but Izzy shows no response. She doesn't move, frown, cry, or say anything. I walk over and move Cam a little to the side and finish her cuts. I bandage all of them. When I just finish I hear Izzy's phone buzz. She slowly reaches down and grabs it. As she reads the text her face drains of any color that was left and she drops her phone. I rush over and pick it up. On the screen it is a picture of Brianna all cut up and tied to a chair. underneath it says, "come get your little friend soon because if you wait much longer you'll be taking her home dead" when I look up Izzy's face is in her hands and she is shaking. I put the phone down and walk over to her and gently wrap my arms around her. "What? what happened?" Cam starts to yell and Izzy picks her phone up and throws it at him. When he finishes reading it he picks Izzy up off the counter and they hold each other tight until she lets go. "I-I think I know where she is." "Well let's go! Let's leave right now!" Cam says heading for the door. Izzy limps after him and stops him. "I have to go alone." a single tear streams down her cheek. Me and Cam immediately say, "Hell no Izzy!" she starts to cry more. I walk up to her and place my hands on her face, "Izzy look at you, you can't go alone." She looks at me and says, "He will kill you. If I am the only one that dies then its okay." Tears roll down her cheeks rapidly. "I-I need to do it alone."

Will she go? Oh man this is cra-cra!! Thanks for reading, hope you love it!

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