Dark Sparks #4

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Dark Sparks

a/n: hey guys. I'm so sorry I haven't written in soooo long. School's been a pain and life is becoming a little harder now that I'm 18. So, I'm gunna be writing longer chapters, but the only problem is that I don't know how often I'm gunna be posting. I can promise to try to post as much as possible but idk if I can post on a regular basis. Thank you to those that commented, and come on to the ones who read and don't comment. I really like feedback and would love to hear what everyone has to say about it. So I'm done ranting now. Enjoy this installation of Dark Sparks!

Matt sighed and hefted the monstrosity that was his travle backpack to a better position on his shoulders. He was debating whether or not he should put rocks on the bottom and just drag it around with him. But he was too paranoid for that. Someone could track him way easier like that. Not that anyone was tracking him, but still.

He watched Dark as she walked off the beaten path. She wove her way between trees and logs. She looked like she was dancing. Her movements were so smooth, it looked like she was floating instead of the loping gait she was using. The clothes he had tailored were loose around her form, causing a gliding appearance, hence completing the floating similarities. Her dark brown, hip length hair flowed behind her, and the light that filtered softly through the trees' canopies shone off her hair, giving it a living appearance, like it moved on its own accord. The glow that it gave was a blend of a chocolate brown and a terra-cotta color. The gentle light gave her face an angelic quality that stole the breath that he needed to carry the bag. The glow from her eyes shone into her odd silver eyes. He had noticed that before. She looked as if she were blind, but the silver seemed as alive as her hair.

All he could think about is whether he should ask her what heaven is like, then all he could think about was how much the ground didn't like his face when they met, courtesy of the lump in the road he didn't see. He had been so fixated on her looks, he forgot that he was on a dirt path that had bumps in it. Now the oversized tumor that he called a backpack was squishing him further into the dirt. He must have looked hilarious.

And then she was there. Hefting the bag off of him like it was a pillow. Worry shone in her eyes like beacons. She rolled him over and checked his head and shoulders for injuries. Her hands flew over his skin like a breeze, so light and soft. He wasn't hurt but he was shocked at her strength and feverish concern. He stopped her hands with his. "I'm fine Dark. I just tripped. I'm not hurt." She stopped her assault and stayed squatted by his sitting form. She just stared at him. Matt stared back, entranced by her visage.

A light came into her eyes and she jumped up. She flowed over to his bag and picked it up again, this time putting her arm through one of the straps. She looked back at him and smiled. "I can't let you carry that" he said, getting up and moving to take the pack away from her. She merely danced away from his hand and stopped to smile at him again. He frowned and made to grab it again. She dodged again and started walking down the trail.

Dark looked over her shoulder at Matt. He looked ill at ease letting her carry the pack, but she didn't like the look on his face when he fell. She had panicked when she saw him on the ground. She thought he was hurt. She didn't want him to be in pain. Pain wasn't good. He had helped her after all and was still helping her. She wouldn't be able to get along anywhere where they were going without him. She didn't want to leave him anyway. He was nice to her.

Looking back at the path in front of her, she continued to think about him. He was interesting. He had light brown hair that had small gold highlights that shimmered in the light. His brown eyes contrasted greatly with his golden skin. Under his clothing, she could tell that his arms were large and defined and they alerted every defense mechanism she had. Strangely enough, she felt at ease with his lean muscle. She knew he wouldn't hurt her on purpose. How, she didn't know, but she was sure of it.

Which reminded her that she had no idea where she was going. She stopped in midstride and turned toward Matt. She looked back towards the path and looked back towards him. He got the gist and took the lead, and she skipped along behind.

Matt took the lead and continued to the town. Well, it was almost a town. Small but large enough to buy supplies and food for the two of them. Maybe he could get two separate packs and they could share the load. It would be a lot easier than one person carrying all of it. Her strength truly amazed him. He was still getting over how she could still float with the bag on her shoulder.

They came into a clearing and were face to face with the low walls of the village. Smiling he looked back at Dark.

"I need you to not speak at all. Alright? If anyone hears you, it could end badly. I don't want to see anything bad happen to you. Now, when we get to the market, I'll ask you what you like and if you've had it and like it, I need you to nod your head, if you didn't like it, shake your head. Got it?" she nodded vehemently.

"Good. Now, if you've never had something, shrug and I'll let you try it. Ok?" she nodded again. "Ok, let's get to it."

Matt led the way into the town and made his way through the people who were busily going about their days. Putting a smile on, he walked towards the thickest patch of people. He took his pack from Dark and hefted it. Man, she made it look easy. No doubt it was to her.

As they went through the market, playing trial and error on what she liked, he found that she liked the same things he did. He was especially pleased with the look of exuberation on her face when she tried a strawberry. It was his favorite fruit and now it seemed to be hers as well. They continued on and on and on like that for the rest of the day. By the time they were finished buying non perishables and other essential items, the sun was setting. They left the village hand in hand, munching on strawberries.

They were walking towards the sun* and basking in its soft evening glow. Dark's skin glowed a copper color and her eyes reflected her sun. They detoured off the main trail and found a clearing where they could bunker down for the night. Dark sat on a log that was on one side of the clearing and watched the sun go behind the trees as Matt lit the fire. He finished and went to sit next to her.

The fire replaced the sun's glow and cast contrasting shadows across Dark's face. Matt felt a stirring in his stomach, but brushed it aside, he wasn't hungry. He was entranced by the softness of her face and the fullness of her lips as she ate her strawberries. She bit into a particularly ripe one and the juice rolled down the corner of her mouth. Unable to stop himself, he wiped the juice off and brought his finger to his mouth for a taste of his own. Dark watched him with curious eyes. Shocking himself and his self control, he leaned in and kissed her.

*the sun sets in the south, which is the direction they're headed, just fyi.

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