Here, it starts.

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Kasey walked home after a dreadful day. She opened the front bedroom door and went straight to her room. Sighing, she jumped onto her bed and through her book bag across the room, her books spreading across the room.

'12 years of this and you'd think I'm used to this.' She said to herself. She didn't even bother changing her clothes and she dozed off into a deep sleep.


"Hello?" Kasey yelled into the white room. No response. SHe walked around the room to see nothing. Going further, she soon saw a wooden sign.

'Finally.' She thought as she ran over to the sign.

'You're special' It read and had a red arrow to the right. Kasey just rolled her eyes and followed to see where the arrow pointed.

'Dream and wish is all you need' Another sign read, pointing backwards. Of course, she followed.

'It will help. Find something you want, wish for and put this flower somewhere special' As soon as she finished reading that, a daisy came up and flew into her hands (MAGICCCCCC).


Kasey woke up in a cold sweat. She looked around her room to see everything in place and nothing has changed.

'Stupid dream.' She thought, getting up. She then noticed something small in her hand. A daisy.


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