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Along the Streets

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It was just another regular day: wake up play tennis and definitely eat as well as listening to Fun. in between. I was on my way to my friend's house as I saw the most painful sight any 14-year-old would ever hate to see on a Saturday afternoon in broad daylight: a little kid being ripped apart from his mother by a masked bandit. Crying for help, both the mom and son were crying for help. Was there going to be anyone else watching in an old street? Then I realised that I was an eye witness and that I wasnt doing anything. In my mind I was thinking that I should save myself while I still can, but realized that I have a chance to be hero as early as a teenager. I sprinted, wind blowing through my face, with all my eagerness to the currently strangled boy. Where would the kid be taken? A mysterious house? An abandoned alley where he would be raped and thrown into a lake? The thought that an inncoent little boy doesn't even know he might have a slight chance of living made me shed a tear. All of this was fumbling in my mind as the mother was screaming "SAVE MY SON!" Running with all of my might, chasing the masked bandit and the victim., I see the masked bandit whisper something to the child and the child responding by yelping "PLEASE NO! DONT HURT ME!" I assumed automatically that the bandit threatened to kill him if heel doesnt cooperate with what he is going to order him to do. Once I chased them for give or take 15 minutes without stopping or slowing down (only accelerating) and they finally came to stop in an alley. What else was going to happen in wan empty alley wreaking of death and rotten sardines. Not realizing I was hot on his tail, the bandit asked the kid a few questions.

"Is your mom's full name Lisbeth Anabelle Sequoia?

In my mind I was thinking "THE Lisbeth Anabelle Sequoia?" She was unknown unless you knew quite a bit of history on famous directors from the 1970's. I listened to their conversation (my eavesdropping skills finally came in handy) and I understood is as the following phrases.

"My mommy told me never to talk to strangers" weaped the child. 

"Answer my question you useless child or I'll kidnap your mom and you and kill you both" threatened the bandit.

The child was struggling to be released from the bandit's grasp and he met gazes with me. What else would a 5-year-old curious child do when someone is seen who has a possibility of saving his life besides screaming? Nothing. Nothing else at all.

"Please help me, Sir!" begged the child.

Before he knew it, the child was blindfolded and was made to be quiet by a handkerchief in his mouth. The poor boy was dying and crying and it made his face wet with sorrow. I was probably going to be joining the little kid in being strangled from being exposed out of my hiding spot. In chasing the bandit, it never occurred to me that I might be the one that will be strangled. Now the bandit and I were in a riveting fight. Was I going to win? No. Was I going to lose knowing I was fighting for the release of an innocent child? Yes. That's what made me proud, that sensation made me want to do this everyday. I felt as if I was winning but that was because he was fighting with only one hand; with the other he was strangling the nearly released child. I was trying to make him fight me so that he would let go of the child, assuming he wasn't that bright. My instincts were correct; he released the child, making him feel more free than a freed slave. I've never seen a child any happier. Now I was in some serious trouble. The bandit's other hand is now empty so now I was to most likely going to be seriously injured because the bandit was now enraged since he snagged up a kid after hunting forever then some scrawny teenager comes up and ruins what he had been working up.

"Ill go get help" echoed the child's runaway voice through the alley. 

"Ple......ase hu...rry!" I struggled to say as the bandit was trying to put a handkerchief in my mouth as well as tying up my arms. He succeeded and before I knew it he had captured me and took me to his car and drove me away. I was terrified. Words cannot describe the extremity of horror I was experiencing. I never knew I was going to be a victim of anything but according to the bandit's description of what he was going to do to me he was going to kill me. My heart nearly skipped a beat but I then remember a kid's promise that since I helped free him he would find someone to rescue me. But everyone knows that children probably don't do as they're told to or what they promise. I was weeping so that maybe he'll have some sympathy for a little fourteen-year-old but then I realized that those people without a purpose in life only ruin the helpless. Oh the irony, I wish I can help someone without being physically and psychologically scarred for life, if I would have one after he was done with me. I was beyond worried; now I was just wondering if I were to be able to escape the bandit's car. I then remembered my bracelet that read: "No matter how dark situations are, I know you'll always devise a plan to be able to find the light." Reading it made my adrenal glands act up in a positive way such that I was able to untie my arms and take out the handkerchief from my mouth. Could I have felt any happier? Nope. But mmy mission wasn't complete just yet.

I now had to make the bravest choice a teenager would have to make, and I was sure I wouldnt be sorry about the outcome; on the contrary, I wanted to feel proud in what I was about to do. Before I could think about it, I did what my instincts told me to do. With the speed of a cheetah, I grasped the wheel of the car and turned it straight into a light post in the distant sidewalk. I know this didn't end the way you wanted it to, but I died trying to rid the world of another sexual predator and murderer.

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