Sadira from Trinidad and Tobago

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When I saw the LGBTQ+ book I began to read it because as of now I am questioning my sexuality. I've been reading and I see myself somewhat in those chapters and the stories people decide to share so bravely. I'm only 13 and I started to question my sexuality last year in September when I looked at one of my friends romantically I guess..

And now I'm dating a girl I absolutely love. She makes me happy and I feel like the world will be okay but there's only one problem. Our parents. Her mom isn't all that accepting right now but my mother however... Let me explain. I decided to bring it up a couple days ago and she completely shot me down. I hadn't told her I liked a girl. I just asked how she would react if I were homosexual. She immediately replied saying that she'd take me to get an excorcism. She also said that if I was so into those things that I should know that the punishment was death. Then she said (as my mother is religious) that if God wanted gays he would have created Adam and Bruce or some man not Eve. 

Did I also mention that she said all lesbians gays and bisexuals were the causes of all STDs. Now hearing this from the one person I thought would love me even if I was different broke me. I called my girlfriend and I couldn't even speak. It was just her comforting me saying that nothing could split us. I know to most people I sound too young to know what I want but I swear I do. I like boys and girls and I just want to be accepted and loved for that. Not ostracized and shown disgust. I'm trying to put it behind me and just go through life until I can summon the courage to tell my mother. 

Love transcends all boundaries. All Christians say that. Why is a girl loving a girl so different from heterosexual love. Love is love damnit! So I'll end this off with a song that's helping me as cheesy as it is. And God loves all his children, That's somehow forgotten. Yet we paraphrase a book written 3500 years ago. 

Yeah Macklemore anyways thanks for reading my story I appreciate it


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