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I started questioning myself in eighth grade, maybe even earlier. I first thought that I was bisexual, and I dated someone for like two days before I realized that I was not. Still makes me feel bad that I threw that person under the bus but I at least figured out that I wasn't bi.

I started trying to figure out what I was. I thought that I was not asexual (how wrong I was lol) and at one point I thought I was aromantic. I went back to being straight in freshman year when I got a boyfriend. Things were going okay with him until he started being sexual. Whenever I wanted to go to his house, he'd want to "have fun" while I wanted to play video games or watch movies. He was also pretty phobic too, so I left him.

Two months after I left him, I finally realized that I was, in fact, asexual. I was proud of myself and proud to be who I was. I have experienced phobia though, like the guy that I used to date said that I couldn't be asexual because in order to feel pleasure, I need to feel attraction. (He's not the smartest guy in the world) The phobia on Twitter can be pretty brutal too.

The most important thing about my sexuality is that my parents accept me. They understood asexuality and they even bought me a flag! :D I like to wear it as a cape sometimes too lol.

Today, I am still questioning my romantic orientation and my gender. I also write stuff on here about asexuality and my experiences with it in hope of educating people about it.

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