Oh hell no! That half naked moron was going to be my step brother soon. Nice job daddy dearest. You took me from my home and stuck me in some guest house with someone that probably spends most of his time naked. Then to top it off, I would be starting school with some damn pirates the next day. I could tell that it wouldn't be long until I blew this joint. In what way? I wasn't quite sure yet.

I sprinted through the yard and swiftly jumped in the back of the van to grab the fifty pound suitcase. I gripped it tightly in both hands and pulled it out of the van and into the grass. "Screw this!" I mumbled to myself and then dropped the bag in the yard. I didn't really feel like dealing with a suitcase that almost weighed as much as I did. I kicked my right foot out and kicked the suitcase before I turned around and headed for the door of the guest house.

I stepped into the house and slammed my fist against the wall next to me. They wonder why I have anger problems. It wasn't hard to figure it out, unless you were totally clueless. Five weeks! Just five weeks. It couldn't be that bad. Could it? Ugh! I walked through the front of the guest house and eyes the dark Brown walls with black trim. Now I see why the house was decorated so dark and simple. It was because a little playboy lived in it. Just great! I walked over to stand in front of my smaller bag and then crouched down in front of it. I got ready to swing it over my shoulder, when all of a sudden, the smell of aftershave hit me so strong that I couldn't even breathe. I dropped my leather bag to the floor and turned on my heel. "What the hell? How can you even breathe with that crap on?" I asked horrified and nearly choking to death.

Xander raised his eyebrows and smirked at me as if I had just complemented his ass. Then he ran his hands over his ripped abs and then down his black silk sheet that hung around his waist. "That just means that I'm nice and fresh baby." I felt my eyes wander down to his chest and for a short second, I almost imagined my own hands running along his every muscle. It didn't take long for me to shake it off. I wasn't one of those idot tramps that he was used to. He could be as sexy as he wanted and I still wouldn't give him the time of day. Especially since the fact that he was going to be my step brother. 

I laughed under my breath and waved my arm at him to show him that I was busy and didn't give a shit about his aftershave or abs of steel for that matter. Then I bent down and grabbed for my bag again. I stiffened up when I suddenly felt his body crouched over mine as he reached for my bag and brushed his lips against my ear. "Should I put this in my room?" He whispered in my ear as he ran a hand along my right arm.

I took a deep breath and fought hard to not kick him in the junk. Instead, I just smacked his hand away from my arm and stood up. "Back up playboy. Nobody touches me unless I say so. Got it!" I said in a stern voice as I grabbed my bag and walked down the hall, past his room. I stopped at the next closed door and let out a breath of frustration when I realized that it was almost right across the hall from his room. I looked behind me and felt my face turn red in anger when he leaned against the wall and smirked at me. "What! Is this the only other bedroom in this damn house." I asked in hopes that I was wrong. This place was huge. It had better have more than two bedrooms.

Xander shook his head and then nodded at the door. "Yup! The rest of the rooms are full of crap that my dad left here. My mom hasn't gone through any of it yet. What you see is what you get. Enjoy your new room and I'll try my best to not keep you up all night." He said in a teasing voice as he turned to open his bedroom door. "Oh! I almost forgot that I'm having a couple of friends over tonight. I'm sure that you will just love them." He said and then stepped inside his room and slammed the door behind him.

I grunted to myself and then threw the bedroom door open. I stepped inside and was surprised to see that the room was neatly set up and the walls were a pretty shade of peach. I shook my head and looked around the room. There was a table set up in the corner with a computer and printer set on it and a table across from the bed that held a huge flat screen TV. I guess it wasn't such a bad room. Just as long as that moron didn't keep me up all night with his moaning and groaning. I wouldn't want to have to kick him in the head while he was naked and pleasing some clueless female. That would be a damn shame.