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I'm sorry I keep not updating! I'm like trying to focus on writing drafts to my new story 'Poor' and it's like draining my thoughts for this books and I'm like.Dead. 

"You ok?" Kevin asked quietly as he and Mitch walked out of the showers, both of them buttoning their new set of jumpers back up. He shook Mitch's shoulder lightly when he didn't respond and took a step in front of him. "Mitch, look at me." 

Mitch lifted his head, his light brown eyes staring into Kevin's darker ones. "I'm fine. I-I just had a dream last night." 

"One that made you pee on yourself?" Kevin hummed as he grabbed Mitch's hand and lead him back to the cell. 

"Yea, I guess it was a nightmare?" Mitch tried and he sat on the bed, resting his swollen leg. 

"Is your medicine affecting you the wrong way? I can get you a new prescription." Kevin said and went to grab Mitch's bottle of pills but was stopped. 

"No, it's fine. It was a one time thing. I promise. Come cuddle with me? You're my big bear." Mitch pouted and held out his arms. 

"Are you not hungry? Breakfast starts soon and it's not good to take your pills without food." 

"Just come cuddle! I'll eat later!" Mitch  stood up and forcibly pushed Kevin onto the bed, straddling his hips right after and laid down, situating himself into a comfortable position. He finally smiled when Kevin's hands wrapped around his waist and his large hands cupped his rear end gently and protectively. He let his head rest on Kevin's right pec, listening to his steady heartbeat and falling asleep to the feeling of it. 


"Wait, we're being moved?!" Mitch said and he stood up quickly, regretting the choice when he head to use his swollen leg to catch his balance, nearly falling forward if it weren't for Kevin pushing him back onto the bed. 

"Yes, they're loading the bus now. Hurry up." 

Mitch grabbed his crutches and started walking out of the cell, waiting until Kevin followed suit, tucking Mitch's medicine into the pocket of his jumper. 

The two were lead out of the prison and towards the courtyard where a set of buses were sitting. Mitch stopped walking to stare at the buses that looked rusty and old, gasping when a gun pressed into the low of his back to push him towards one of the gray buses. He stepped forward, slowly stepping onto the rusty form of transportation and took a random seat in the back, setting his crutches between his legs. 

Kevin sat beside him and made sure they were both in a comfortable position. 

It wasn't long until someone else stepped up onto the bus, the blond hair taking Mitch's eyes. 

"Well, well, well. Who do we have here?!" Scott's baritone voice rung through the echoing bus making Mitch keep his head down. "We have the whole crew! Travis." 

Mitch looked up and notified that Travis was sitting in the front seat of the bus. 

"Randy." A young teen with long black hair sat in the opposite sat, multiple burn scars covering his neck and arms. 

"Ian." Another male with red hair sat two seats in front of the Mitch and Kevin, his lips pulling into a smirk when he saw Scott walking down the row. 

"And the two lovers." 

Scott stood in the seat behind Kevin and Mitch and wrapped his arms around both of their necks, leaning in close to them. 

"We're all going to have such a great time on this trip! Better get comfy. We'll be here for an entire 24 hours." Scott smirked, giving Kevin and Mitch both a sloppy kiss on their cheeks before he moved from the seat and sat beside Ian, cupping Ian's chin and leaning forward, connecting their lips in a filthy kiss. 

"Hoying. Hands off." A police officer stepped onto the bus, pointing at Scott. 

"Come on, Officer! Ian is my boyfriend and we haven't seen in each other in years! Let us have our fun!" Scott shouted. 

Mitch glared at the back of Scott's head, his hand going to find Kevin's and hold it tightly. 

"And that's my problem how? Hands off I said." 

Scott pouted and he slumped in his seat like a child, crossing his arms and nudging his head against Ian's shoulder. 

"This is going to be a long ride." Mitch groaned. 


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