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This stuff is from me its on my mind and its bout to be random.

First off I wanna say thank you all for commenting reading my Girl rant and my other stories yall I swear on everything I appreciate it so much. There are so many times when I just wanna give up on writing because I see other stories and don't think mine are good enough.. And you all encourage me to continue I rock wit yall for real. Yall my boos Lol.

I have more story ideas that i wanna work on in the future or sometime soon but I wanna finish the one Riches to Rags... Yall please check it out if you haven't and tell others about it I think its good enough bit im trying to do better. And my other Story My World its on hold but I wanna get back to it before I start another you know?

Kinda wanna do a fanfic but im not sure.

Yall my heart is broken and hurt I am so upset that my show underground has been canceled it was so good.

I also wanna write a story about a girl during slavery

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I also wanna write a story about a girl during slavery. I know some people don't like that subject but it happened and its slowly dying there not teaching about slavery no more and i don't want my ancestors past die off im a big person of black history I love it so I wanna try it... Would you read it?

Yall on some for real stuff I know yall prolly think I sound emotional but I really appreciate yall. I've had a person who recently kiked me and told me that they enjoy my rant book and it helps her thru life  that just made my heart melt I made it for reasons like that.

Side/note : Im trying to create a program for girls in my city who don't have a big sister / mother figure in there life or just someone they can talk to learn things I wanna do this soon I think it will be a great program.

If you all ever need anyone to talk to about anything I am here im not the type of person to spread other people business and talk about others im a very respectful person and trust worthy so if you ever need someone to talk to im here.

You can contact me on kik at 90s_baby21. You can pm me. Snapchat kiera_rose21. Instagram k_rosee21 I think that's all for social media but its best to reach on kik or pm but I will get to you as soon as I can.

Much love kiki

Oh and any more topics that you have just let me know and I got chu!!! Also if you have any questions or anything for me you can also ask.

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