Chapter One: Rejection

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Jessie's pov

My eyes snap open. I groan as I get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. I do my morning routine which consists of washing my face and brushing my teeth and hopping in the shower. When I'm done, I quickly blow dry my hair and throw it up into a messy bun.

Once my clothes are on I run down stairs and make breakfast.
Okay, let me recap on my life so you can catch up.

I belong to a pack called Gold Stone. I had parents but they were brutally killed by rogues when I was younger. Around when I was 6 turning 7 was when the incident happened.

~Flash back~

My six year old self was out side in the back yard of my yellow four story house.

"Daddy!" I yelled as I ran over to him. Daddy picked me up and spun me around before placing me on his hip as I giggled. "Hay flower, did you have fun at the park with mommy?" I giggled again nodding my head just as mommy came out of the house.

"She better have had fun. She kept me there for more than two and a half hours." She chuckled and walked over to us. "We went to Rita's and had some ice cream too!" I said. "And didn't share with me? I am soo hurt carebear..." daddy said as I laughed and wiggled around in his arms when he started to tickle my sides.

Suddenly, a huge growl sounded through out the back yard. We stood stock still. Then, in the big bushes near the trees, a huge reddish- brown wolf emerged form the woods. Then three others emerged with it.

Daddy slowly put me down. "Go into the house, mind link the guards and run...dont look it?" Daddy said in a low enough voice for only me to hear.
I gasped and flinched back as one of the rogues snapped its canines at me. "Go." Daddy said and pushed me back just as one jumped at him.

I turned and ran into the house.

'Guards help us! Rogues are- '

Before I could finish the mind link. A mud brown rogue jumped on me and bit into my arm. I let out an agonising scream. Momma's wolf jumped on it. They fought while I found a hiding place in a closet. Through a hole in the door, I watched as my mother neck was being snapped by the rogue. A silent whimper left my lips. I felt the bond between my mother and father be broken as both took there last breath.

Tears streamed down my face as I crept out of the closet and over to my parents. "M-m-mommy? D- daddy?! N-noo!" I yell as I crawl over to them. I hug there bloodied bodies and cried. My heart shattered.

The beta then, busted through the front door and ran to me. The back door had claw marks.
He looked at me, disgust and hatred swirls in his eyes.
" killed them didn't you.."
Beta brian acussed. "N-n-no i-it was some r-r-rogues...." I cry.

"I dont smell rogue anywhere. You are a lier. Lets see what pack thinks about you..." he said and dragged me away from my home...from my mothers and fathers bloodied bodies.

~End of flash back~

So yeah basically that turned my life to a living hell. But enough of all the sad and saggy stories of my life.

I finished cooking and started to set plates, forks and knives down on the dining room table. I then set the breakfast down in a row in the middle of the table. Just as I set the drinks down, the pack walked into the dining room and sat in the chairs. They started to made plates and eat.

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