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The awards are quite simple. We will be holding awards for the following categories and each category will have 3 winners, First, second and third . You just have to submit your book and we will ourselves decide which category it belongs to. Any book can win in any of them irrespective of the genre of their book. So lot more chances of winning right?

*Just submit your book. We will decide which category it belongs to based on the incidents and the plot of your book irrespective if the genre.

The categories are as follows:-

1. Black Dragon ☠️ Your book shows dark truth of world and about life.

2. Classic Dragon 🎩 The book has many twists and turns. Everybody is expecting for something at most points but something else happens.

3. Melting Dragon 💦 Your book is deep,  sad, makes the reader cry.

4. Fire Dragon 🔥 The book is full of fire and passion. There are a lot of dangerous things happening out there.

5. Ice Dragon ❄ You have left the characters to deal it on their own. You are being cold and harsh on them but this is how your story intrigues the reader.

6. Sundry Dragon 🐉 Your book doesn't revolve around one particular thing but is a mixture of many of them.

7. Beaming Dragon 🎃 Your book makes the reader smile and has an air of happiness.

8. The Adventurous Dragon 🌏 Your book deals with lots of adventurous and exciting trips.

9. The Romantic Dragon 💞 The story deals with romance and romance and romance.

10. Historical Dragon 🐲 Your book is based on historical fiction or related to it.

11. The Scientific Dragon 🌐 The book is a work of science fiction.

12. The Horrific Dragon 👻 Your book is full of paranormal activities which are horrific.

13. Corpse Dragon 💀Your book deals with vampires and/or werewolves.

14. Rhyming Dragon 🎶 Your book has some good poems.

These are the categories on which your books will be judged. If you want to suggest any other categories,  feel free to comment here or PM me.

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