Chapter 2

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My mom pulls me out of the net. I stand with Jeremy waiting for everyone else to jump. After me is Zack he walks straight over to me.

"Nice going Ellie." He says kissing the top of my head.

"Thanks Zack."

"You did too Jeremy."

"Thanks Zack."

"Your Welcome." I'm completely shocked by Zack's actions. Finally everyone jumps I get up to hear the speech my parents will give.

"Listen up initiates. This year I'm training the Dauntless borns with Tris and Uriah and Marlene are training the transfers." I start walking behind my parents with my Sofia and Chinma. Zack falls back to talk with Evan and Mike. I can't see Jeremy which is good. Out of sight out of mind. My father shows us the chasm and tells us about bravery and idiocy.

"Tomorrow be in the training room by 8. Dismissed." I turn around to look for Zack but I don't see him. So I decide to go to the transfer barracks. They are all there I sit down on an empty bed. I close my eyes and try to think of what I'm going to say to the transfers to calm them down. The bed squishs in and I open my eyes immediately. It's Jeremy sitting next to me.

"Already decided to ditch your boyfriend for me?" He says wiggling his eyebrows. I stiffen at his question.

"No I was looking to help calm down the other transfers."

"Oh sorry." He bows his head and his hair falls in his eyes. My hand moves involuntarily and brushes his hair out of his face. He laughs and I do too. I'm about to get up when his lips are on mine. He pushes me closer to him as I try to break away. He gets it and pulls away. I get up to walk away and see Zack. I stop dead in my tracks. His expression is exactly how it should be shocked. Completely an utterly shocked. He is gone in a flash I run after him quicker than I thought I could go. He turns a corner and is out of sight. I continue to run through the compound until I find him near the chasm. Which is where we meet. He sitting by our path he head in hands and kneels brought up to his chest. i sit down next to him and grab his hands. He obeys and takes his head out of his hands but averts his eyes.


"Go away Elizabeth."


"Why? I saw you kissing him."

"I know but you have to know what really happen-"

"No I don't because I saw it all. Just leave me alone."

"No I don't want to leave you. I love you Zachary." By this point I'm in full blown crying.

"Well... Just leave!"

I back away from him but before I leave I whisper to him, "I love you."

I start to go back to our apartment. I find out door and go in. Luckily my parents aren't here, I go into my room and cry. I can't believe I messed up that bad. He'll never forgive me and it's all my fault.

"Elizabeth." I hear a deep husky voice say from inside the kitchen.

"I'm in my room," I manage to get out. My dad walks in and sit on my bed.

"Ellie what happened?"

"You know Zack right?"

"Yes," he says apprehensively.

"Well I met the Amity transfer on the train ride and he was being nice and Zack was being protective. So I was going to go and calm the transfers down by saying god knows what. And them next thing I know Jeremy is kissing me and Zack saw. He ran away and I chased after him and he told me to go away and I said I loved him and he didn't say it back and I screwed up everything." He pulls me into his lap.

"It'll be alright Ellie. I promise. Now get ready for dinner unless you want me to bring in back here for you." I ponder the thought of eating here.

"No I'm Dauntless," I say as I get up.

"That's my girl." He leaves and I go to the bathroom to wash my face so it doesn't look like I was crying.

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