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Lexi woke up at exactly 7:30 am, she then got ready for her morning run. And put her hair in a simple ponytail.

Lexi was running to Grant park( made that up😂)   When she got tired and decided to take a break at the nearest playground

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Lexi was running to Grant park( made that up😂) When she got tired and decided to take a break at the nearest playground. She went to go sit on the closest bench but it was taken by a coupe making out. She looked closer, and it was Jake. The guy who asked her out on a date. He looked up and saw Lexi fuming.
"Lexi it's not what it looks like." Jake said.
" No save it just leave me alone." Lexi said while shedding tears. She couldn't take it she ran all the way home. Lexi through open the door to see her mom and siblings sitting on the couch. She took off her shoes and threw them getting everyone's attention.
"Lex?" Asked Amanda curiosity. Lexi faced them with her tears running down her face.
"What." She chocked out.
" what the heck happened?" Asked Tristan. She just ran to her room and locked the door. Everyone could here her crying. A couple minutes later she heard feet coming to her door, not just two but many. They knocked on her door.
"Lexi please open up." Begged Brianna.
" yeah what happened." Asked Mason
" Go away!" She yelled. And they all left. Lexi texted Alyssa to come over which she came right away not even asking why.
When Lexi is in her room.
All of her siblings were on the couch brainstorming ideas on what happened. When Brianna thought of something.
"Oh No." was all she said, everyone looked at her. Brianna had a worried glance on her face.
"Heartbroken." She asked. All the boys instantly got mad. Then Alyssa came running through the door.
" Where is she?" She asked panting.
" In her room." Jonah replied. Alyssa ran in and Lexi told her everything then broke down in sobs. Alyssa rubbed her back and went in the kitchen to grab her ice cream.
"I'm going to kill him." She kept repeating to herself.
" kill who?" asked Katie. Alyssa turned around to see everyone in the kitchen.
" you should have Lexi tell you." She told them.
" I have to go, you guys give her this and cheer her up." She said handing Jonah the ice cream tub?
" How bad is it?" Asked Alex.
" Really bad." She said then left.
"Well let's go check on her." Said Amanda. They all went to her room door.
" lex can you open up we're worried." Said Landon.
" Did you bring ice cream." She asked..
" Yeah we did." Laughed Alex. They heard footsteps and the door unlock.
Lexi opened the door and let them inside. She then laid on her back on her bed.
" Can you tell us what happened." Asked Brianna. Lexi was quiet for about two minutes then said.
" Boys you have to promise me you won't go all man hunt." Lexi asked them.
"Were not making any promises." Mason said. All the girls glared at them.
" okay we promise." Said Tristan.
"I'm telling Brianna first." Lexi said then whispered everything to Brianna.
"HE WHAT!?" She yelled. Lexi nodded her head.
" Guys this ones really bad, especially for Lexi just being 15."Brianna told them.
"Your not pregnant are you?" Jonah asked worried. All the boys instantly got mad and looked at her curiously.
"NO!" Yelled Brianna and Lexi at the same time.
" You know what I will just tell them." Lexi said.
" You sure?" Asked Brianna. Lexi nodded her head.
" so I was on my run around the neighborhood, and I decided to take a stop at Grant park, and I went to go sit on a bench but it was taken by a couple making out, so I looked closely and saw it was Jake who just asked me out on a date, like an hour ago which I said yes to, and was now sticking his tongue down some girls throat, then he realized it was me standing there, and said It's not what it looks like Lexi, so I just yelled at him to leave me alone, and ran faster than I've ever to home." Lexi told them. Everyone was silent.
"I'm going to kill him." Tristan said through gritted teeth. Lexi still had tears going down her face.
"You know what go ahead." Lexi replied. This made everyone look up, Lexi hated when they did stuff like this.
"Give me the ice cream Jonah." She said and took the tub of ice cream from him. Everyone just watched her.
" Oh you guys wanted some to?" She asked acting like she was dumb. Everyone laughed at her. " Even though you guys are extremely annoying and really over protective, I still love you guys tons." Said Lexi. Everyone jumped on her and have her a huge hug.
"We love you too!" Amanda replied.

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