Chapter 13

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I need ship names! One for Brianna an Cameron. Izzy and Nash.and Kerissa and Brent. I have Bailey and Matts.(Mailey) Help!!

Izzy's P.O.V
My two favorite people were over joyed. I feel so happy for them. When we all run on the court Brianna is crying, I am crushed by Nash and Jack G, and Cam is yelling my name. Great! "IZZY!" Cam yelled like 10 times. "I am over here I say waving my hands around. I see his head pop up and I make my way through the group of people. I run into someone and apologize. I didn't really know who it was but they had a hood on. Why would any of the boys have a hood on? When I finally reach Cam he crushes me in a hug, "Thank you so much Iz! You are the best sister in the world. Right now my life feels perfect." I squeeze him for a second and let go. "Cam? where is Brianna?" Just then he picks me up on his shoulders and I look around for her. She is with that hooded guy. Leaving? WHY IS SHE LEAVING?! "Cam put me down!" I yell and hit his head. He rubs his head and asks, "did you find her?" I just cry. He bends down to my level and grabs my face. "Izzy where is she what happened?!" How did he get out of jail? How did he find her? I have to get her! "I-It's Jason." I say in between sobs. His eyes fill with pure anger and hatred. I run as fast as I can. I hear someone yell my name but I just keep running. I now where he will take her. I race out into the parking lot. Brianna is flung over his shoulder. She looks up and I can tell she is crying. I am a gymnast so I can run, and I can run fast. I run as fast as my legs could physically carry me. When I am only 20 feet away I trip. I skid my knees across the pavement and hit my head. My head and knees hurt like hell but I am not losing her. I stand up still crying and just limp and run. Now its more of jog. Jason gets in a car. Shit I can't outrun a car. I still keep running. I race into the street following the car. Once I am almost to the car I hear my name. There is no way someone is going to stop me from saving my best friend. I hear their footsteps coming up behind me. I trip again and fall onto the sidewalk. I cry and try to reach out to the car. I feel a warm pair of arms pick me up bridal style and start to run the other way. No! I need to get Brianna. What the hell are they doing?! When I look who is carrying me its an out of breath Nash. I flail around trying to make him put me down. I can't. I can't get her right now. I can't make him put me down. I can't do anything right. So I cry. I just cry. Jason was Brianna's boyfriend. At first he was sweet but he turned crazy and abusive. He would take her to the school shed and beat her. Brianna has scars on her stomach and sides from him. I couldn't help her even then. I called the cops and he was arrested. She went nights without sleep thinking he would just end up in her room. I spent nights holding her while she cried for hours. This is my fault. I didn't notice it was him when I ran into him. Nash was not moving anymore and he just stood there trying to comfort me. I buried my face in his chest and cried until my throat hurt.

Oh man this is bad... I will try to update again tonight but I don't know. LOVE Y'ALL!!

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