The beginning

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This story takes place right at the end of The Avengers. Try to imagine no marvel movie after the Avengers.

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Captain America's POV

"And then shawarma after?" Said Tony hopefully, as he leaned up on his elbows to look at us. He was more alert than I would of expected him to be, I mean sending a nuke up through a hole in space is sure to give you headache at least.

"You here that?" Tony said as he sat up off of his elbows and propped himself up, with his hands at ether side of his body to keep him upright. I looked around at the half demolished city.

Cars were strewn around the city like toys in a child's nursery, there were buildings flattened and half destroyed as far as the eye could see. God I hope these folks have insurance.

"Be a bit more specific Stark" I said rolling my eyes at him.

"Can it Rogers, there's something out there" Tony said.

"I think your hearing things Tony" said Thor.

He scowled at us, but stopped when something took his attention. "There it is again" he said he tried to get up but Thor held him down.

"No my friend you must rest you took quite a fall." Thor pinned down Tony with one hand while looking at me.

"I'm sure whatever it is the Captain can handle it." I gave a nod and listened for this sound that Tony is obsessing over.

For a while all I heard was the sound of far of car alarms, the sounds of a street crossing signal going off and the faint whistle of the wind. Then the distant cry of a baby.

I followed the sound past building after building, car after car, until I found its origin.

It was coming from an over turned car, a silver BMW I think, i'm not very good with modern day vehicles .

It was battered very badly and it looked as though it had crashed into something and over turned.

When I got closer I found the body's of two people in the front seat. I ran and quickly took their pulses, hoping that they might still be alive. They weren't.

I saw where the sound was coming from. It was little baby, strapped in to a car seat in the back of the car and screaming her little head off.

As quickly and as gently as I could I un-did the straps of the seat and she slid in to my arms. She looked unharmed with only a small cut on the top right side of her head to show that she had been in an accident.

She stopped crying as she lay in my arms and she looked up at me. She had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen they were deep blue and they almost seemed to twinkle. She had a full head of brown hair that had little curls at the end. She was the cutest baby I had ever seen.

Standing up I slowly made my way back to Thor, Tony and a now not so green Dr Banner

"What's that you got there cap?" Tony was now on his feet although he did look a bit unsteady, almost like a little nudge could knock him down.

"It's a baby stark" Banner said looked over at Tony rolling is eyes.

"The question is why he has a baby" He said said turning his head to me.

"I found her in a car, her parents are dead and she was stuck upside down" I say trying to explain myself.

Looking down at her she was looking up at me, she gave off a small little yawn before falling asleep in my arms. Now most men would have freaked out that they had a sleeping baby... in their arms....that they had just found, who was not their's...

But there was something about this little child that I could not explain. Almost as though I am responsible for her.

"Well she seems rather at home with you there Captain" Banner said with a little smile.

"Soooo" Tony said "What are we going to do with her?"

"Keep her" I blurted out before anyone could suggest anything else.

"What?"They all said at once

"You heard me"

"But cap you don't know the first thing about babies." Tony protested, doubting me.

"For your information Tony I do, I looked after my cousin long ago and I was a dab hand at it." I said in my defence.

"Well fine cap what ever you say just don't expect me to help with the diapers" he said with a wave of his hand.

We all laughed and I looked down at the baby in my arms.

"So if we are going to keep her I think she needs a name." Thor announced. "What shall she be called?" He boomed.

They looked at me. "You want me to name her" I asked in suprise

"Well yeh you found her so I think that's best."Tony said

"So do you have any ideas?" Banner asked me

After a bit of time I had an idea, "I was thinking Kathleen after my mum and for a middle name Margret after Peggy"

There was silence. Everyone knew that I loved Peggy during the war and I had to have her in my life somewhere.

"I like that" said Banner "Kathleen Margret Rogers has a nice ring to it don't you think?" Asked Banner.

"Rogers? Wait you want her to have my last name?"

"Well of course, you found her, you gave her a name, or would you like it better if she had Avenger as her last name?" Bruce asked seriously

"Ok Rogers it is then." I surrendered, no point in arguing.

"Ok but back to the name it's good, dont get me wrong. Just don't be one of those parents that get pissed off if you give the kid a nickname ok?" Tony said with a smile

"That poor kid has a name that sounds like it should belong to my great ante" He said.

"Can I hold her?" Banner asked, looking down at Kathleen huddled in my arms.

After hesitating for a moment I gave in and handed her over
"Just be careful" I said, concern laced in my voice.

"Looks like you fatherly instincts are setting in Rogers" said Thor with a smile.

Father I'm a father? Wow I didn't think I would ever be one. You know with me being over 70 years older than other female's. Who would possibly date me?

Kathleen was now in Banner's arms and he held her so gently. She opened her eyes and looked up at him.

"Ahhhgaa baba" she mumbled with a smile on her face. She lifted her small hand up to reach for Bruce's face. His face lit up and he lowered his face so she could reach his nose. She started to play with his face, sticking her hands in his mouth and playing around with his checks.

"Hello little Kate" He said, while playing with her little hand, a smile still plastered in his lips.

"Kate" I said aloud "I like that"

"Well that's her nickname sorted" Tony said with a half smile on his face. Looking over at the little baby.

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