the life of naruko and sasuke

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Sasuke  can I please talk to alone  please.  Sure  dobe what's up. There something I must tell you and I don't know how you will take it . I'm afraid you will hate me like the rest of the villagers does.  After I tell you please all I ask is not to hate me for it .it wasn't my  choice at all.  Okay dope  just tell me already.  Do you remember the story about the nine tail fox and the 4th hokage.  Of course dope.  The  4th hokage  kill it why.  Well  sasuke the story wrong  you can't kill a tail beast  you can only seal it in someone. And that child saskue.  Was  me . I have the nine tail  in  me since I was born  that  why  everyone  hates me and  hurt me badly.  All sasuke did was nothing  he  was in  shock.  Um  sasuke  are you okay.  Well dope  that is  a suprise.  Do you hate me to like the villagers do .naruko  was hoping that sasuke was okay with this and doesn't hate her for this.  To be honest naruko  no it doesn't bother me at all.  You are a hero  for doing this.  And if the villagers  don't see it  they are fools.  Naruko was so  happy  she was jumping in the air  she hugged  sasuke. Thank you very much sasuke  and gave  him a kiss on the cheek.  And  she left to go home not knowing  sasuke was blushing  big  time

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