The Mute Mistress: Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 (*Edited 3/13/15*)

Mary woke up to thoughts that lingered over last evening's unexpected interaction. She had never seen him look so tender, except towards Ms. Belle. Each time she thought about the look in his deep, profound blues it sent a tingle down her spine.She wanted to know why Mr. Vanderbilt chose to reveal such an uncharacteristic nature. Why did he mean to catch her glances whenever she and Ms. Belle catered to his supper? She was sure he was strange, but now he was completely mystifying.  

Mary prepared for the early morning and took a brief shower before adorning herself in her uniform. She was brushing her long dark hair and unconsciously looking over herself in the small vanity's mirror. Languidly, she ran her fingers through and draped them over the shoulder like Mr. Vanderbilt's redheaded darling. The brush ran through again and she began to childishly curl some locks around her fingers. 

She closed her eyes and shook her head. She could never reach the caliber of beauty Karen had. He was only gazing at her eyes, and that's all last evening could have meant. That's all that was ever given attention. Her eyes were the most appealing thing about her to other people- never something else like her smile. Mary felt so plain looking over herself. So she stopped and put down the brush before tying her hair into a tight bun.

Mary hadn't caught a glimpse of Nathan all morning, but as soon as the afternoon arrived, she was a little pleased at the idea of seeing him later in the dining room. When it was time, Ms. Belle took note of Mary's rosy cheeks. Not saying a word, the little woman had suspected something but only returned a glint in her soft blue eyes.

Mary grasped the silver handles to the tray, but before she could turn around, she took in a sudden breath and stood stiff at the sound of Karen's voice echoing from the dining. She pushed air out from a deep sigh and left one look of annoyance to Ms. Belle before sauntering out to the room.

Karen's unappealing giggles, fell silent at the sight of Mary before she rolled her eyes back to Chaz and Nathan. Mary was already displeased at witnessing crimson hair, but now Chaz was back as well?

Mary was thankful that she saw her supervisor approaching the table from the distance. Like she knew, Chaz was sitting quietly watching her every move while Karen simply flipped her long hair in Mary's face when she had leaned over to place down the woman's set of China. Grey eyes glanced over to Nathan whose glare was intensifying at his guest. That only put a malicious grin on Karen's face, as she draped her slender hand over Nathan's on the table.

"So! What were we talking about?" Chaz pipped, interrupting the awkward air.

"We were talking about the Gala and how I would finally like to be presented as more than just Mr. Vanderbilt's beautiful girlfriend," Karen said through her teeth.

Mary twisted her brows while she took the soups from Ms. Belle's trays and laid them over the large saucers. Hearing her say what she was to Nathan out loud made Mary revert back to her original outlook- scolding herself for even dwelling blissfully on what happened on the balcony.

Suddenly, Karen snapped her fingers at the young maid, and Mary froze in the middle of Chaz and Nathan.

She flitted her finger at Mary, and asked, "What color would you prefer for an evening gown? Robin's egg blue, or an emerald green?" 

Though Mary wasn't sure what the motive behind her question was, she insecurely lifted up two fingers for the second choice.

"What?" Karen asked pushing her head forward with a smirk.

"Stop it," Nathan immediately hissed to her.

"No, no, Nathan. I couldn't hear what she said. Was that the Robin's egg that came out of your mouth?" she sneered back at Mary.

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