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Saturday mornings were my favourite because I got to sleep in and then take my time getting ready when I woke up.

Mila was still asleep on the floor when I went to take a shower and when I came back.

I changed and then dried my hair before going out to the kitchen to make some coffee.

As I was starting the Keurig, Harry entered the kitchen already dressed.

By the way his hair was still partially wet I knew he must have taken a shower before me.

"Take your k-cup out when you're done using it." Harry spoke when I took my fresh cup of coffee out from under the machine. "I'm tired of throwing yours away before I can put mine in."

"Fine. Picky." I rolled my eyes as I took the used k-cup out and threw it away.

"Don't roll your eyes at me." He quipped and I glared at him.

Okay. Screw the him changing his personality.

"12 hours. A new record." I commented in a snarky tone.

"What?" Harry looked at me.

"How long you went without being a jack ass to

"I was asleep those 12 hours?"

"And you've made my point." I sighed.

Harry was about to pop off to me when Mila entered the kitchen, skipping up to me.

"Good morning, Mila munch!" I smiled at her.

"Mila munch? That sounds like a type of cereal." Harry commented and I rolled my eyes at him.

"Shut up." I bit at him before smiling back at Mila and picking her up to set her in a chair at the table. "I'll get your breakfast."

Mila sat and waited while I made her a glass of orange juice and half a grape fruit, taking the other half for myself.

Harry sat at the bar to eat his toast and drink his coffee before going to watch the news on the television.

Of course it had become normal to hear my families name on television all the time and today wasn't any different as they talked about a bill my dad was trying to pass for environmental conservation.

After Mila and I were done eating I took her to my room to get her dressed and myself ready.

"Wemmy we go outside?" Mila asked me as I finished my makeup.

"Sure, how about I go take you on a tour of my school?"

She nodded eagerly.

We walked out into the living room where Harry was still on the sofa.

"We would like to go walk around campus." I said to him and he groaned as he stood up.

"Give me a minute to notify security." He walked to his bedroom.

Mila and I waited by the door while Harry got everything together and then he came out, ready to go.

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