Chapter 7: Dark to Light

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~Otabeks POV~

I woke up once again to the sound of a lovely alarm clock. Tch. I opened my eyes to find find it being warm and sunny. I liked the sun since it was so warm but I liked the rain much more.
I shrugged of the covers as normal and realizing it's Monday I groaned and wished it was Saturday again. Oh well.
I didn't mind school it's just that, I didn't get to see Yuri until Wednesday which was to far away
What is that boy doing to me
I feel weak whenever I even think about him and when I see him?
I feel like I'll faint.
I start getting ready for school and wear a sweater that I like a lot. I don't know why but I feel like this day is really important. The sweater is black and it has roses on the sleeves. A lot of people make fun of me for wearing it at school but I really don't care because it's cute and I like it.

Along with the sweater I wear white ripped skinny jeans

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Along with the sweater I wear white ripped skinny jeans.
I pack myself a sandwich for lunch along with another granola bar and some chips.
I brush my teeth, and my hair, put on my shoes and start making my way to school. As usual I'm one of the first people there so I can get my homework done.
"Hey! Otabek!"
I hear a familiar voice call out to me after I finish my homework to see Mila holding hands with Sala.
"Oh, hey. Good morning."
"Are you getting your serves hours done yet?"
"Yep! I already have 16 done I think? So that's good"
She looked relieved.
"GOOD! Your not missing your summer again because of detention!"
"Ahah ok ok"
The first bell rang so I made my way to my first class which was bio. One of my best classes. We were in the middle of this pollution unit that was easy to me so most of the day I just spent it day dreaming. I was interrupted mid thought when the bell rang and I when to my next class. The next few classes were all the same. Easy and boring.
No mater was I did my mind always drifted to Yuri. Ugh he was so cute.

~Yuri's POV~
The light and warmth now surrounding me, I could feel it but I could just barely touch it. Then all of the sudden I herd a strange buzz and and everything was very warm.
"AHHHHHHH" I woke up screaming while I saw strange people dressed in scrubs rushing in looking shocked. My throats felt like it was burning while everything felt strange. I felt different everything around me was the same. I was hyperventilating while everyone was yelling different thing telling someone to call someone. I didn't get a clear answer but think I here's the name Otabek Altin? I don't know. There was to much happening while everyone was telling me to breath calmly.
Everything was different but yet the same.
I could see colors but it as still cold.
It was just from dark to light...

~Otabeks POV~

Finally it was lunch so I made my way to my usual lunch table and sat with Mila and Sala along with some other people I don't really know. Mila was babbling on about some lovey dovey movie with Sala when and announcement come on the over head. An announcement that nothing could prepare me for.

"Otabek Altin please make your way to the main office."

At that very second I didn't know what it was. I just thought I was in trouble so something. But little did this would change my life.
I went into the principals room to find him staring at me in confusion.
"Have a seat Mr. Altin. Your emergency contact Yuri Plisetsky has called you from the hospital. Apparently it's an emergency and you need to leave now."

At first I was confused but I quickly realized what was happening and I ran out of the school faster than I ever thought was possible. The last thing I saw from the school as I turned the school was many confused faces including many with cameras. Mila looked like she was about to faint. Not to be rude or anything, but, I couldn't care less. Yuri was awake. My sleeping beauty is awake. I couldn't even think about anything else.

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