Daylight: Things You Should Know.

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Lígo-pronounced Lee-go, some people just call her Lee. 

The Convergence was the event of all universes lining up in their flux period, thus creating a wormhole connecting every universe in the Omniverse. This created a ripple effect, causing massive earthquakes on our very Earth, and falling debris in an undiscovered cave destroyed the Serephas. 

The Serephas is a banana-like artifact that protected the human race from dying by means of keeping the universe away from us. It sent out waves of interfering energy that has kept aliens from contacting us, planets from colliding with our own, and/or the universe itself dying. It was planted here by God. We still don't know which one. We do know that it was a singular person who placed it there, though the identity of this all-powerful deity has yet to be discovered. 

The Omniverse (in Daylight terms) is the collection of all multiverses. As hard as it is to believe, there could also be more than one multiverse that exists. It all started with the core universes, the ones that kick-started everything. Then came our type of universe, the unique reals. We came directly from the core universes. After that, we spawned unique fictions, parallel universes akin to our own, but they play out the stories we write and tell. Then last, there are the parallels. These can be direct or indirect copies of whatever universe is out there. Together, all of these make up the Omniverse. The Omniverse is ALL things existent in any dimension and universe in the entirety of what is. Omniverse > Multiverse > Universe.

A flux period is where the universe is in the Omniverse. Each universe can only go up and down, and almost none of them will ever line up in their lifetime. Some do, and this creates a temporary wormhole that allows inhabitants of either universe to go into the other universe. 

Zenghai is the mixture of the energy that came out of the Serephas and the energy of the closing portal that now destroys any universe it comes into contact with almost instantaneously. 

Mabaya was the first to become aware of himself. He wandered around nothingness until he found Nzuri. 

Mabaya is primordial chaos and is 10x as powerful and as evil as Satan. Nzuri is God and 2x as powerful as the Christian one. 

An unknown force between Nzuri and Mabaya caused them to realize they both didn't want to be the only two things in all of their space. But they both had two different visions. After super-eons of fighting, they decided that the wars they had on each other were not necessary. But the fights made them harbor resentments on both sides. In short, Nzuri beat Mabaya to the punch and thus created the universe (and named it Osisa.) 

Nzuri planted the seeds of life in the universe. To spite him, Mabaya created his first celestial, Death. Death took almost all of Nzuri's creations except for one, the Ihymisens (or humanoids). They were the weakest and easiest to kill as they had very short lives. So Death let them live. This was the first mistake. 

Soon, the Ihymisens evolved into what became known as Myricias. They lived for almost ten thousand years before Death took them. They developed as a species, but soon the celestials Famine, Pestilence, and War came to be and infected their society and their ways.  Nzuri, at the time, didn't know how to make celestials until one day he simply wished one into existence. This celestial was Light. Light significantly weakened Mabaya, as he was a physical being that could dampen Mabaya's aura to the point of ceaselessness. So, Mabaya created Darkness, and the playing field was level once again. Next, Nzuri created Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. This brought the total celestial count to ten. 

Light and Fire took the forms of men. Earth and Water took the forms of Women. Air took the form of both. Death, Famine, Pestilence, and War took the forms of men. Darkness took the form of a woman. 

After creating their celestials, Nzuri and Mabaya were tired. They decided to go take a nap on opposite sides of reality. Together, the ten celestials decided to make something other than sitting around and bicker over nothing. They created Pangrion, located in the Virgo-Alatheia Star System. The Myricia are the first to be placed here, as their home planet was blown up and they needed a place to live. They have also evolved again, now being able to create and manipulate something found in nature. Earth, Water, Fire, and Air types were the first, and then Metal, Blood, Lightning, and Gases were next. Thing went down the line accordingly. 

Nzuri and Mabaya were woken from their 2 billion year nap (about 2 hours in their time). They were awoken by the Convergence. They took in the passing information and closed each of their portals before the Zenghai got to them. 

Ellis Uong is the human that Mabaya possessed. Laurel McNama is the human that Nzuri is currently possessing. 

Ellis and Laurel are able to house such powerful beings because a chunk of each of the deity's forms is fused with their souls, creating what amounts to a human-God fusion in terms of spirit. The spirit strengthened the flesh, and that's how they can hold Nzuri and Mabaya. 

Each of the celestials, after creating Pangrion, buried themselves in the land and fell into a deep sleep, and laid dormant. However, the Fire celestial, known to the humans as Avi, didn't bury himself as he should have and instead was an active member of the growing species, teaching them the ways of music, language, writing, cooking, and living. He only had one child. That we know of. 

Hamish, as the people would soon call him, buried himself where the Final Battle took place. Rowan (Nzuri and Laurel's fusion of flesh) wanted to have the battle over his place of rest as to wake him if he and the rest of the Carateers didn't survive or Margon won the battle. Hamish would govern the people and creatures that came through the portal. 

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