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Chapter 18

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As we walked into school, Tyler had intertwined our hands.

I was earning jealous glares from the girls, and Tyler was also earning those glares too.

What? So once Tyler Martin holds my hand, I'm worth being looked at twice? Pfft.

We walked to the admin's office to get our schedules.

"Good morning Ms.Martiz, and Mr.Martin. Here are your schedules for the year."

She handed us two envelopes. I opened mine first, "Okay, 1. Math, 2. Literary Arts, 3. Art, 4. Lunch ,5. Industrial Arts 6. History and 7. Biology. You?"

"Hmm.. 1. Biology, 2. Literary Arts, 3. History, 4. Lunch, 5. Industrial Arts, 6. Math and 7. Gym."

I shrugged, " Not bad, what locker?"


I sighed, "343"

"I wonder who is 342.."

We started walking to our lockers, hand in hand.

When we got there, we saw a not so pretty sight.

There leaning on locker 342 was Mindi and some random jock having a full out make out session. Pretty sure they were both just hungry and were eating each others faces off.

Tyler cleared his throat and Mindi jumped, "Uh.. Yeah. Can you guys spread STDs somewhere else?"

Mindi scoffed, "you're just jealous because your stuck with that and not me."

I chuckled, "At least I don't suck 4 dicks a week. "

"I do not! You're just a little bitch who's probably already pregnant with that idiots baby. So now he's tied down to you. Congratulations."

Tyler scoffed, "I'd rather her carry my babies than you."

I blushed, "Okay, Anyways. Mindi go share your STDs elsewhere."

She glared at me, "Whatever, let's go Eddie."

They walked away while Mindi overly swayed her hips with each step.

Tyler chuckled, "That's a nice start.."

I laughed, "Yeah! Can't wait to see that every morning!" sarcasm was dripping every word.

He opened his locker and I opened mine, he smirked over at me, "Well, some mornings we could return the favor to her.."

I scoffed, "Uh, no."

He shrugged, "Worth a shot"

I grabbed me notebook, "Well, I gotta get to class, and so do you."

I quickly pecked him on the cheek and started walking to Math.

When I got there I saw Vivian sitting by Mindi..

What. The. Hell.

Vivian looked up at me, "Oh look! It's the little slut who has Tyler tied down."

That stung coming from her.."Vivian, what the hell.."

She shrugged, "Took me awhile to realize what an actual slut you were."

I scoffed, "Whatever."

I looked to the back of the class to see Emma. I went and sat by her.

Emma gave me a worried glance, "What was that about.."

I sighed, then told Emma everything that had happened last time I was with Vivian.

Emma gasped, " How could she say that?!"

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