A Message from the Past. Part 79

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6th June 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...


After a good nights sleep, we all awoke nice and refreshed. But I lied. Both Barb and me looked like death was warmed over. In Barb's case, it had to do with her grandfathers body being exhumed and transported to get ready for transporting out of the country.

That was this morning. I felt that Barb didn't want anyone except maybe Jaxon, Jenny and Jimmy there when that happened. Just the Roberts family. So we all waited back here at the house while they did that. We were all getting worried when quite a few hours had passed before they came back.

There had been a package that someone had buried with George some time after his funeral. The parcel had immediately been handed over to the police who were also on hand. There had been a folder with names for certain people who were in the forgery business that had helped Mrs Mallory get her new name and ID to go with it.

Barb had explained that the police had to be there in case what they thought was buried with george actually was. It wasn't until they found it that Barb told us about what her grandmother did about burying something no one would find. But i guess she was wrong.

But Barb was sad, yet excited over some things that Catherine buried with George. There were Violet's own diaries that she started to write after her coming here to America with her new husband George, so many years ago. No one knew about them at all. Violet never mentioned them, Joy said after we found out.

But Barb made no move to read anything to us with regards to them. Something I could understand her not wanting to do. It has been a long week or more for us. So I imagine it has been just as long for them too.

Anyway, George was now in the proper hands with those who deal with these kinds of transfers and that left tomorrow open to begin looking through the attics of the old house that had once had Florence walking through the halls and corridors as she grew up. Then lived in after marrying Rupert.

I'm sure it will be an interesting day for us. I can just feel that it will.

                                                        *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The following day when both Barb and myself were feeling up to a bit of exploring, we decided to go and visit the hall after Reid and myself had already been there while Barb was away. We brought back photo's that had been taken while we were there.

After we showed them to Barb, she sat there looking at them from all sorts of angles as she turned them in different directions to get a good look at them.

" It's these photos here. Were they all taken in the same room or were they from different ones?" Barb asked me as she looked through those photo's. It wasn't the first question she asked us either. But the look on her face this time compeled me to answer her.

" Those ones were all from one room. What is it that is bugging you? There's nothing there that we found and believe me, we looked." I told her as I sat there with my hands clasped over my growing baby bump. The one that was smaller than Barb's at the moment.

" It's these ones. There is somehting there and I can't place what it is. I am never wrong about these things. I'll keep looking and it will come to me." Barb was muttering to herself.

" Hidden between the looms." I also murmured as I remembered Florence's words she had written in her diary. My words caused Barb to suddenly lift her head and look at me.

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