My child's DADDY doesn't even know he's a DAD!! [5]

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My child's DADDY doesn't even know he's a DAD!! [5]

FINALLY here is chapter 5!!

Replay: It wasn't until I was on the main road that I started to cry.


Jayden's POV

I stood there like a confused idiot watching as she drove off out the gates and around the curb. "RRRR," I groaned covering my hands with my face, she is so complicated. And what does she mean by leaving me for my own benefits? If it was because of me wouldn't I know about it? "RRRRR," I groaned again, "God she makes me so angr-"

"Ah babe who you talking to?" I turned surprised and bumped Megan on the way, "Ahhh!" she screamed as she went falling to the ground, but at the last minute I caught her waist, "Sorry Meg," she pouted at me acting cute. If she had done that before I saw Kerra it would make me want to kiss her, but looking at her now just didn't seem to compare to the beastly beauty that was forever gorgeous in my eyes.

I quickly pulled her up right before she could kiss me, "Ah you ready to go?" she glared at me and turned on her heel towards my car, my Lamborghini also known as my baby. I followed her swaying hips towards the car and couldn't help but stare, I mean come on! Sue me I'm a guy. The drive to her house was as awkward as it could get, the only sounds were the humming of the engine and the clicking of Megan's tongue.

Once we were at her home I pulled up on the side walk waiting for her to hop out, but she didn't. "Meg your ho-," "That girl.....she was you ex wasn't it?" she cut me off, turning so that she could look me in the face, "What girl?" I asked, hoping she would drop it. "Don't you what-girl me, you know exactly the girl I'm talking about!" she exclaimed, her breathing coming heavier, "Meg calm down before you have a asthma attack again," I placed my hands on her shoulders reassuringly to try to calm her down, "I am not going to have a asthma attack, I haven't had one since forever," she said embarrassed now, I shook my head and tsked.

"Meg your last asthma attack was three days ago because you thought I was cheating on you with Hailey, Mason girlfriend," she had gone completely crazy when she saw me hugging Hailey. She is so insecure. "Megan if this is how your going to react to every girl that comes within reaching distance or even says my name," recalling Kerra saying my name in the auto room, "Then I'm sorry but it won't work for me, maybe it's best if we just stay frie-"

"Don't say the word friends Jayden, I'm sorry o.k. I was just asking a question," yeah right, more like digging for gossip. "So are we good babe?" instead of answering out loud I nodded and leaned across her to open her door. She smiled and gave me a small peck on the lips. It was sweet I got to admit but there was no spark, sweet was all it was. "Bye babe," she shouted outside the car, and with a small wave I accelerated down the road.


"Hey mom," I said kicking the door closed and shoving my bag in the corner. "Hey babe," she replied, and it wasn't until I was on my way to the kitchen when I noticed that she was dressed up, in a long sapphire dress, hair done up in a messy bun and makeup stuff girls always wear. "Mom are you going somewhere?" I asked, "Actually yeah I am, well we all are so hurry up and go get ready, and where's that brother of yours?" just then Mason walked through the door. "Where are we going exactly? And do we have to go with you?" I asked peeling off my shirt, "Hey bubba where have you been?" I turned to Mase who looked tired, "Just got back from the hospital," faster than lightening my mother was by his side and checking him over, "What happened are you alright, did something happen........were you in a fight?" Mase rolled his eyes and pulled her hands away from his face.

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