The Tables Have Turned

Chapter 13

Sunday morning, I found myself excited for church and visiting Nana.

I put on black pants and a gray V-neck sweater because the weather was cold today. Winter is almost here and next month we won’t be able to go out without a thick jacket.

I combed my brown hair and slipped on my shoes before going out of my room. I heard the chatter in the kitchen so I went in.

“Good morning,” I said when I saw Tom and Clarissa sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee.

“Good morning,” the answered as I flopped down in my usual chair.

“So how’s everything going?” Clarissa asked and I shrugged.

“Good, I guess,” I said “Thanks again, for everything.”

“Now, Hailey, we agreed that you’ll stop thanking us. It’s the least we could do,” Tom said sternly and I smiled gratefully.

After a bit of silence, Clarissa spoke again.

“You know you can talk to us if you need anything,” She said softly “I know we can never replace your parents but we are here for you. We were pretty close to them and we know that you miss them just like we miss them.”

 “Thanks,” I said, smiling at them. “It’s hard. It really is. I’m trying to accept it but I can’t. I just can’t accept the fact that I lost them both.”

Clarissa hugged me. “I know, sweetie. You need time. I’m not saying that you will get over it and just move on. You probably won’t any time soon but you will learn to accept it.”

“You’re right, I guess. That’s life, right? People die and others cry,” I said, smiling sadly.

“Your parents were great people, Hailey, and they raised you perfectly,” Tom said.

“Thank you. They truly were,” I said, thinking of my parents and all the good things about them. They have always been perfect to me.

“Pancakes!” Chase exclaimed as he walked into the kitchen.

“Good morning to you too,” I said and he grinned as his parents laughed.

After breakfast, we went to church and I prayed for my parents. I prayed for my real parents and I prayed for Tom and Clarissa, the couple that were like parents to me.

I thanked God for everything He gave me. I also asked for His help. I needed His help with a lot of things and with Him my life is simpler and easier.

The visit to Nana’s was short but good. I really liked that woman. I never knew my grandparents because they died before I was even born and I was glad I got to meet Nana.

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