{Scarlett's POV} Listen to song above as you read!

I sat with Cora in the dining room as she told me many stories from the trip Christian had sent her on. No matter how hard I tried to listen, Alara's name kept dancing across my mind. 

"Were you crazy?!" She said bringing me from my thoughts. 


"He told me the story about the party! You could have gotten hurt." 

"Yeah, wasn't my brightest moment. I don't know why I did it honestly. I say it was because I wanted a little freedom, but I think I just said that because I knew I was in the wrong and went to a party when we're in the middle of a war." She let out a laugh picking up her cup of tea. 

"Yeah, definitely not your best moment." I rolled my eyes with a playful smile and sighed. 

"You look upset, what's wrong?" She asked and I looked at her with a curious glance. 

"Who's Alara Lavender?" I asked and her eyes widened. 

She knows her!

"I-it's not my place..." She started but I shrugged. 

"Please, I know Christian has been sneaky lately. What is it with her?" I asked and she sighed placing her cup of tea down. 

"Has Christian ever told you about the witch that started the whole wolf curse?" I nodded gasping. 

"Was it her?!" 

"No, no... she died a long time ago, but that is a descendant from her kind. The last of that type of witch. She is currently the most powerful witch living. I don't know why he needs her, but maybe it has to deal with the whole war thing." She said and I nodded, yeah maybe that's it. 

"I have to go to my mate, but please call me if you need anything." I smiled at her. 

"Of course." I stood up hugging her goodbye as she scurried off, something didn't seem right. 

A loud thunder broke out shaking the palace, what the heck?

I walked to a window in the dining room and looked out. It was almost pitch dark outside. The winds had picked up with great speed as I stood shocked, it was just so pretty outside a few minutes ago. 

"I will blow this house to the ground, Christian! The audacity of you!" A voice yelled. 

I hurried to the doors walking out to the hall seeing Alara walking angrily down the steps. She raised her hands quickly moving her hands into a fist and thunder shook the house again. I gasped moving backward, she was doing all this?! 

Christian appeared at the top of the stairs. 

"Alara, I just wanted to talk. Is this necessary?" His voice boomed and she laughed. 

"I think it's quite fun actually. I hate you, Christian. I can't believe you had the audacity to try and bring me here. Tell me, have you ever felt your blood boil? I can show you!" She yelled and raised her hand and he groaned as he dropped to his knees holding his head. 

"Stop!" I screamed grabbing her attention. 

Her eyes met mine and I stood scared as her eyes flickered from blue to black, back and forth. She barely had control. 

"Please, don't hurt him," I said slowly approaching her. 

"You're the mate?" She grinned and dropped her hand as Christian let out a deep breath as the pain stopped. 

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