December 21

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"John, you like hell."

John grinned. "Thanks, Launa, I can always depend on you to lift my spirits."

"Well, promise me that you'll at least do something fun on your day off."

His smile faded. "Fun is overrated. I'll settle for Strange over and over."

Launa looked back at him. "Doctor Watson, you are the strangest person I've ever met. If your heart didn't belong to another, I could fall in love with you, you know?"

He traced her cheek with his finger. "I know, but my heart is Strangelocked."

Launa laughed. "Try to enjoy yourself. I won't see you until after the holidays so Happy Christmas, John."

He smiled and though his lips turned up, his eyes reflected no joy. "Happy Christmas, Launa."

The crisp air from outdoors should have invigorated him, it didn't. God, it's fucking cold out here. I'm going to have a nice ride home. I'll be lucky if I don't freeze my balls off. He then shrugged into his jacket, put his helmet on and zoomed off into London traffic, fighting its claustrophobic madness at every turn.

Once inside his flat, he threw his helmet down on the ground, gave Brownie a quick pat, then stripped down and jumped into the shower. Chill bumps appeared on his arms and legs when the warm water hit his chilled, clammy skin. Umm, that feels good. He lathered up, enjoying the way the soap streamed down his back, into his crack, clumping around his balls and dick, until it pooled around his feet in a lukewarm puddle. He then rinsed himself, stepped out of the shower, towel dried his shivering body, and slipped on a pair of pants and a t-shirt.

I think I'll get drunk, then watch some telly and pass out. Jesus, why won't brownie stop barking? He walked into the other room. "Brownie, for Christ's sake stop that noise." Then he caught a slight movement out of the corner of his eye. Shit, my automatic is in the bedroom. He whirled around, in a defensive stance, then froze. Jesus, oh my fucking god, it's Strange.

Strange stepped into the light. "John, it's alright. It's me, Strange."

He couldn't speak. Oh fuck, I'm going to faint. Strange, Strange...

Strange took a step closer. "I'm sure you're wondering how I came to be here. Well, you see it's December 21st, the equinox, the longest day of the year and it's the one time that Mordo can't track you. I guess I should have figured out a way to let you know, but I didn't want to waste any time. We have 24hours and I... John? Oh, god, are you alone? You don't seem happy to see me. I should have let you know. I..."

He looked at Strange, then crossed the room, and grabbed the back of Strange's neck, kissing him with an intensity that left them breathless. His tongue sought Strange's, relentless in its pursuit. He then guided Strange's hand to his groin, letting him feel the hardness that had begun to make his flaccid cock ache. "Still, think I'm not happy to see you?"

Strange looked back at him, his eyes glazed over with lust. "Okay, I stand corrected, Doctor."

He licked his lips, then reached to undo the sash, that held up Strange's trousers. The cape of levitation slid along the back of his legs, tickling him. He caught his breath, then stopped. "Strange, if the cape doesn't stop feeling me up, I'm going to take the pinking shears to it." Brownie barked at their feet, while Strange shrugged the cape off.

He took Strange's hand. "We'd better continue this in the bedroom. Just let me check to make sure Brownie's doggie door is unlatched." He checked it, then took Strange's hand and led him to the bedroom.

Strange shivered under his touch— surrendering. His hands shook and they both removed the rest of Strange's clothing. "My god, you're beautiful."

Strange's eyes grew large and he leaned back on the bed, spreading his legs. "I just showered and prepared and..."

He put a finger to Strange's lips. "I suppose we should talk about how you came to be here, but I just want to fuck. I love you, but oh Jesus, fuck, I'm going to come. Hold on let me concentrate." Then he closed his eyes, going deep within his astral body, to cool the angry red circle of lust within his spirit. He felt Strange with him and shuddered. When he opened his eyes Strange had positioned himself between his legs. "John, make love to me."

He wanted to devour Strange. He then swatted Strange's legs apart, brought his head down and began to spear Strange's hole with his tongue. Strange moaned, pulling at his hair, shifting beneath him. "Oh god, John...

He grabbed the lube, then stopped when Strange's green eyes met his. He looked down and to his shame began to cry. "Strange, I can't...I'm...

Strange held out his arms and he collapsed into them, weeping. "Sssh, it's okay," Strange soothed. He rubbed his tear stained face against Strange's collarbone, while Strange fondled his hard cock. "Sometimes the classics are the best," Strange whispered into his ear.

He looked into Strange's glittering eyes, forgetting the disappointment he felt at his own lack luster performance and began to jerk Strange off. Strange moaned into his ear. "Umm, feels so good."

He regained just enough of his composure to enjoy the feel of Strange's shaking fingers moving their way up and down his own hardened cock. Together they brought each other to the edge and together they came.

"What are the odds of us coming together?" Strange whispered.

"I'd say astronomical. Very Strange." He whispered back. Then he sat up, preparing to get up and have a moment to himself, but Strange grabbed him. "Where are you going?"

"To get something to clean us up."

"I've got a better idea. Let's lick each other clean."

He smiled, then looked away. "I was going to fuck you into the mattress. I'm sorry."

Strange grabbed his arm. "John, don't ever say you're sorry. This was our first time. I'm surprised I didn't blow when I first set eyes on you in those tight little briefs. Come on lick me clean, then let's play around. I want to finger you, and butt plug you and rim you, kiss you, hold you and smell your musky scent all over my body."

He laughed when Strange began to bounce on all fours. "Are you sure you haven't been taking lessons from Brownie?"

"Come on John, let me play with you." Strange growled.

"Okay, fine but I draw the line at letting you pee on me."

Strange lifted his leg. "Come on John, stretch me."

He grabbed the lube, coated his fingers, and began to make experimental thrusts into Strange's tight little hole. "You're not going to be tight after I'm done with you. That is if I can manage it."

Strange licked a dollop of come off his stomach, then pulled him closer. "John, we'll get there and I know it'll be great."

He leaned in and kissed Strange, tasting himself on Strange's tongue, then he pulled away. "But we only have 24 hours."

Strange's eyes grew moist. "Then let's not waste time berating ourselves. Let's make the most of it. Promise?"

He nodded, resting his head against Strange's. "Promise."

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