Date night

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Cam's P.O.V
My hands are sweating and my heart is literally racing. I feel like I could run a mile. Over the past 4 days me and Brianna just talk about everything. She knows my biggest secrets that only Izzy knows and I know all of hers. Some things that I wish I didn't know. Like that her Ex stalked her for 3 years or that she had to call the cops on him. That made me really angry. But I need to stop thinking about it. "Cameron are you okay?" Bailey says as she grabs my arm. Crap I probably look infuriated. "Oh um yah I am fine." I say. I know she can tell I am lying cause she gives me a , you can tell me later. When we get to the hotel Izzy, Nash, and Bailey all say they are going to Starbucks. "Bri, Cam, you guys want anything?" Izzy asks. "No I'm fine. Bri you want anything?" I ask. Hopefully she doesn't want anything because they aren't really going. "Oh no thank you." thank goodness. "Alright well we will meet you upstairs." Izzy says and she winks at me so I take Brianna to the elevator. When we get to the room Brianna says, "Hey where is everyone?" "um I'm not sure. Oh wait they went out I'll text Izzy and tell them we are meeting up with the boys and Kerissa." I tell her. Man I hope this really works. I take her hand and we walk back to the elevator. While we are in the car Bri asks, "Cam where are we going?" George looks in the mirror and smiles at me. "Oh um they're at the movies. "OMG I love the movies!!" She yells. Izzy I owe you a lot. When we get to the movies George wishes me luck and I thank him then follow a skipping Brianna. She is like a little kid. Me and her get a popcorn and sodas then sit down in the empty theatre. "Wow is this movie that bad?" she asks and laughs. "Nah maybe nobody's here because its lunch time." Wow that was good Cam! As we are watching the previews the pictures come up. Brianna turns to me with bewilderment on her face. I just smile and point to the screen. she turns her head watches the pictures and videos go by. At the end she is crying and laughing at the same time. I reach over and grab her hand. She turns to me and smiles. "That was really cute and sweet Cam." I can feel myself blush. we turn back and watch the movie. I didn't really watch the movie. When it was over we walked next door to the basketball stadium. Brianna's eyes light up and she stops walking and hugs me. "I love basketball games!" she says. "Yah I know!" I laugh and say. We get front row seats and Brianna is cheering the whole time. The halftime buzzer goes off and I freak out. I hop up and walk on court. when I look back at Brianna she is like looking around and beckoning me back. I get handed a microphone and I start, "Brianna, I have known you for what 4 days? and I feel like I have known you my entire life. You are beautiful, funny, athletic, excitable and so many other things. Will you come here. She stands up completely shocked and walks over to me. I hug her and say, "Brianna will you be my girlfriend." She starts to cry then jumps up onto me and hugs me. "Is that a yes?" I say into the microphone. She nods her and says, "absolutely!" With that I smile so huge and kiss her. I can feel her smile through the kiss. I thought I was going to throw up the fireworks in my stomach were so big. I put her down and turn her around. Izzy, Nash, Bailey, Matt, Kerissa, Brent, Taylor, Aaron, Carter, Hayes, shawn, jack G, and Jack J run on to the court and engulf us into a hug.

Aww Brianna and Cammy!!! I loved this chapter I don't know about everyone else!! Thank you guys <B

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