Chapter 9 -"You're kind of cute when you're flirting."

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Donovan looked at her, the barest hint of sweat starting to form on his brow.

"I didn't think you would be able to keep up," he said, the first ever smile breaking across his face.

Carter shrugged and started walking, Donovan beside her, his composure returning.

"You wouldn't be the first male to think that." She twisted to Donovan. "You know something Donovan?" she said.

He looked at her, nothing but his eyes showing his curiosity.

"You're kind of cute when you're flirting."

The tiniest flash of surprise darted across Donovan's face. Carter laughed and started jogging.

"Come on," she called back. "Link must be lonely."

Donovan caught up with her, his face reverted to it's normal blank expression. Carter glanced sideways at him and he glanced back. When they reached Link, he gave them both a bored look.

"Did you have fun?" he asked.

Carter slowed to match his pace.

"Yes," she said. "I've been curious to see if Donovan flirts and now I know. Totally worth losing the race for."

Link laughed and Donovan flexed his jaw.


The shrill sound of the whistle punctured the air. Carter, Link and Donovan already sat on the field as the rest of the students trickled in.
"I'm going to break you up into teams," Mr. Danes said.

"This should be interesting," Carter said.

The process was slow as students had to be told twice which team they were on. When the class was finally divided, Carter was on the team opposite Donovan and Link.

"Be careful," she said, heading to her team.

"Why?" Link asked.

She pointed to Donovan.

"I was talking to him," she said. "Mr. Danes might have said flag football but that doesn't mean some of these girls haven't been looking for the opportunity to tackle Donovan."

Link laughed and Carter grinned at the hint of a frown on Donovan's face. She jogged over to her team. A girl with a made up face and her black curls back into a high pony tail stepped over to Carter, a manicured hand resting on her narrow hip.

"Owens, do you honestly believe that Donovan will ever see you as anything other than a pathetic excuse for a girl?" the girl asked.

Carter turned a bored expression onto her.

"I don't know, Amber," she said, her voice mocking. "But has he even looked twice at you?"

Amber flushed under her makeup.

"You think because he hangs out with you that he likes you?" she hissed.

"No, but I don't care either way. Because unlike you I'm not desperately searching for some guy to make up for the fact that my dad ignores me."

Amber took another step forward, her face hard.

"I am not desperate," she said.

"No? Then why are you trying to intimidate me to get to a guy that has never shown you any interest. I suggest a therapist. At least they're paid to pay attention to you."

Amber sneered at Carter.

"Yeah, well at least I wasn't abandoned by a mother who couldn't even stand to be around me!"

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