Chapter 29

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Ahmed's POV

3 days later...

I stand at the airport, staring at my daughter, thinking how I'll be away from her after being so attached to her in these last 3 days.

How I realized I was missing a huge part of my life. Her giggles, cute talks, her annoyance. I'll miss all of that, so much.

"You’re going, best friend?" She asks, with a sad smile on her face and I hug her tightly.

"Yes, I'm going but I'll meet you again in just two weeks," I reply, smiling, but sad inside. "Till then, take care of yourself,"

After giving me a kiss on the cheek, she nods and runs back to her mother.

"Two weeks," I say, coldly before I leave.

I felt the sadness arising as I walk away. I sit on the benches thinking whether Ayesha misses me or not. Or does she even care that I left?

Of course she does. She loved me genuinely and I...

I hear my phone ring, which gives me relief. I smile as I look at the caller ID.


"Assalamu Alaikum," I greet after I pick up the phone and she greets back.

"How are you beta? You are coming back right?" She asks, worry in her voice.

"I'm fine mama don't worry about me. You tell me how are you? I missed your delicious food. Yes I'm on the airport," I say and she chuckles.

"Okay then I have made your favorite dish. Be safe and call me when you have reached," She says, happiness clear in her voice. I then say goodbye and hang up.

I walk towards the plane as soon as I hear the announcement.

In Karachi

I take a deep breath as soon as I walk out the airport.

'Ah, my city' I think in my head as I look around and admire it. I look for a cab and sit inside as soon as I can. I feel myself excited to finally see my family.

You may be thinking how I miss them so much even though it has just been 3 days, but believe me I've never been away from my family for this long even and I don't intend to either.

I get outside as the driver parks the car outside my house. After paying him, I head inside.

"Mamaaa, papaaaa, Mahaaaa. I'm hereee," I call. Soon Maha comes running towards me and hugs me. Then Mama comes along as well.

Later we sit at the dinner table together.

"Mama, I want to tell you all about why I went to Lahore," I finally decide to tell them. "And I want Maha to know as well," I add, looking at her.

I start to tell them about how I asked Shahzad to find out about my wife to how I went to meet my Angel, Fatima. Every single detail.

"Beta, you totally did the right thing. I'm proud of you," Papa says and mama nods in agreement.

"No one told me you were married," She gasps.

"Well, now you know. I don't consider her my wife though," I say.

"Why?" Mama frowns.


I sit in the garden, playing with Angel and listening to her stories. I smile at her cuteness. I narrow my eyes and look at my so-called-wife coming towards me.

"I wanted to tell you something," She says and I slowly nod.

"Angel, go on that swing and I'll come in 5 minutes," I say, smiling, she nods and runs to the swing.

"In case you're wondering how I got remarried after I was already married with you. These are our divorce papers," She says, handing it to me.

Divorce papers?

"But how-" She cuts me off. "How I got your sign on it? Well, let that be a mystery," She says with a wicked smile on her face and walks away.

What was that?

End of flashback.

"And now I want to let you guys know something," I say, getting nervous telling them my final decision.

"Wait, before you say anything. I want to tell you that some Ayesha girl came here to ask about you. The one you drop and pick. I thought you told her before you went," Mama says.

"She did? How did she get my address? Yeah um I forgot to tell her," I lie, scratching my neck.

"Okay. I think she’s a really lovely girl. She was so polite and I saw genuine care and worry in her eyes," Mama says, smiling.

Well, that makes my work even easier.

Ayesha's POV

It has been 3 days since I last saw him. As much as I don't want to, I miss seeing him. He went without telling me anything and I don't even know when he’s coming back. Whether he is coming or not.

I am finding it hard to concentrate on my exams cause of this. All I can think about is him. Our memories, flashbacks. I don't know what to do.

I stare at the book in front of me while I think, think and just think. My phone beeps, bringing me out of my trance. I pick it up to see what it is.

A message from Ayyan.

Ay- Good news for youuu!!

Me- What?

Ay- That... is a surprise. Tomorrow.

Me- No just tell me right now. I hate waiting.

Ay- Nope, go back to study. Tomorrow is an important exam. Stop thinking about him -wink wink- Haha, see ya.

What even?..I sigh and put my phone away as I try to concentrate.

After a couple hours of study, I call Anaya.

"Hello?" She says in a worried voice.

"Hey, it’s me. Everything good? You sound tensed," I reply.

"Yeahh, just tensed about the exam. So you tell me, why did you call?" She asks, knowing me too well and I grin.

"Let’s meet up at the café, I need to take my mind off my thoughts," I say and hang up.

I get up, fix my hijab, grab my bag and head downstairs.

"I'm going to the nearby café," I inform. Before anyone could stop me, I walk out quickly.

I walk towards the café and look around, admiring the view. It’s been long since I have taken a walk and it feels good to do.

I sit on the chair, waiting for Anaya.

"Heyyy," She says, plopping down on the chair.

"Do you know any surprise that Ayyan is planning," I ask, curious to know.

", not at all," She acts, failing miserably.

"Ha ha ha, nice try. Stop acting and tell me," I say, annoyed and she grins.

"Not in my place to tell. You'll know tomorrow. Just have a bit of patience. And I'm sure you will love it," She says, smiling and I sigh.

The rest of the time we spend chit chatting and I finally get a break from my thoughts.

I really am grateful to have Anaya.
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