Chapter 7 - Back to Hell Part 2

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We all looked at each other as the people from the Red Dawn Pack stared at us. We couldn't get out.

Scratch that, I couldn't get out.

As soon as we hit the road, I couldn't do it. I wanted to cry and just go back but Jeremy would grab my hand and keep me in my spot.

"Are you okay?" Megan asks me from the back seat. I don't answer.

"We can always leave and say we got lost or something." Victor suggests.

"I don't think we can, Victor." Jesse replies slowly.

"Why not?"

"I'm ready," My stomachs drops as the words leave my mouth, "They are just people, you know?" I look at Jeremy, "They can't hurt me." Jeremy nods firmly.

And with that we get out the car one by one. Gasps erupt and we look at each other in confusion. It couldn't have been me. I covered up my scent so nobody could recognize me. We all did.

I wasn't going to but I'm afraid they won't listen if they know it's me. I've changed but I was such a pushover, it's hard to go forward from that.

I look over at the other car behind us, where our alpha and some army members are in. Once outside, some of our army members growl and cause the Red Dawn members to lower their gazes. I frown, I don't know why because they might find their mates here. At least half our army members haven't found their other half.

I can't help but feel their resentment towards them is because of me. They really didn't want to help but the alpha commanded it once the Red Dawn Pack alpha confessed they were having constant rouge attacks.

"We meet again," A huge man came which I recognized as alpha Green. He gives us a once-over and than shook hands with our alpha. From the looks of it, he didn't recognize any of us. My gaze wandered behind me, a part of me hoping Chase is behind him but he is not.

"Yes we are."

Our army stood in front of us and behind our alpha, their backs and necks ready for battle. I take a deep breathe when my eyes wander to some of my former classmates. They all look intimidated and I won't lie, it satisfies me.

"Let's go inside so we can get to know each other well," Alpha Greene suggested. Our alpha agreed and followed him but someone pulled me back. I turned around.

"Yes?" I quirk a brow and try my best to look confident.

"You're sweating."

"It's like seventy degrees out did you think I'd be cool?"

"Dang," Megan takes a step back and puts up her hands, "I was just saying."

"Yeah," I shake my head and clasp my hands together, "Sorry."

"Everyone is still looking at us," Mutters Victor with a smirk. I look around to see all the teenagers glancing and gossiping together. I roll my eyes when some girls put on their flirty faces and throw winks at the boys.

"Fail," Megan snickers.

Victor, Jesse, and Jeremy never respond to girls like that. Besides the fact that Jesse and Victor are waiting for their mates, it's against our policy to flirt with the packs we are helping. If anything goes wrong and if interpreted wrongly, it could cause a drift or even a war. I know it sounds ridicules but you'd be surprised by the amount of pettiness an alpha or a whole pack can have.

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