Chapter 23

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AN: Hello my Lovely readers, here's a new chapter! I hope you all enjoy it and please don't forget to comment your thoughts and share the story. Also, huge thank you to everyone for reading and giving this story a chance, it truly means the world to me. (P.S. I highly recommend the song) - Lola <3 


Ophelia and I are meeting with Silas separately because he needs to know everything about our mate bond and apparently our stories may conflict with one another if we're together. 

I sit in front of Silas at my desk, I had to admit I felt uncomfortable... I just wanted to be next to my mate, ever since this whole disaster happened I've barely left her side unless I've needed too. And now I have to be away from her for who knows how long...

Silas chuckles and I look at him strangely 

"You and your mate are pretty much attached at the hip" he says 

" Why do you say that?" I ask 

"I can read your thoughts, plus your whole aura screams anxiety" he says 

I furrow my eyebrows

"I don't have anxiety, It's just hard for me to be away from her... especially at a time like this" I say  

He chuckles " Yes because you and your wolf are anxious. I don't know what it is with you Alpha wolves. You're like brick walls of no emotion to anyone but your mate"he says 

"That isn't true, I practically begged you to save the women I love and I was very open" I say in defense 

"Yes but that was two days ago, I didn't need you to be open then but now I do. So please if you wouldn't mind, I need you to pour your heart and soul out or I will not be successful in helping your mate" he says 

I inwardly sigh and give him a sharp nod 

" Lets start with how you two met" he says 

" I was raiding her pack when I first saw her." I say ashamed of the whole situation

" Hmmm well that's certainly unconventional, Would you describe that moment?" he asks 

" I was fighting and all of the sudden her scent washed right over me, I almost  went into a complete daze. She smelled of Vanilla and Lavender, It was so completely mouth watering... I have no other way to describe it. I remember looking up across the field and there she was. I knew the second I looked at her she was mine. Unfortunately, the moment was ruined when one of my warriors attempted to murder her. I swear I've never seen red like that in my life, I don't even remember killing him to be honest because my wolf had full control" I say 

" I see and was she thrilled to know her mate destroyed her pack?" He sarcastically asks

I sigh " No she was not, I think she was ashamed of me for a while but who wouldn't be? I am not the ideal mate. I wasn't kind to her in the beginning... Our relationship didn't start like the typical stories you hear of mates. We weren't all over each other constantly displaying our affection. I completely avoided her because I knew I would never be good enough.. I thought she could never love me." I say 

"Why is that?' he asks 

" My past, all of my wrong doings, Even my name. Who would want to mate with the so called "Alpha bringer of death" or whatever they call me" I say 

" But she obviously did learn to love you" he says 

" Yes, she did and I thank the moon goddess everyday for it because without her I'm truly nothing." he says 

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