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Your name is Michael Mell and you're in love with your best friend.
You and Jeremy sit in your basement playing video games together. Jeremy is focused on the game, he's leaning forward slightly.
You, on the other hand, are not as focused. You keep glancing over at Jeremy and hoping he doesn't notice.
"So Rich told me something yesterday..." Jeremy mumbled and looked at Michael quickly before going back to the game.
"Oh yeah? Tell me." You blushed softly, a couple days ago you told Rich that you have gay feelings for Jer. You knew Rich was a little too excited to hear that information.
"Are you gay?" As soon as you hear that your heart drops. Jeremy pauses the game and stares at you.
"W-Why do you ask?" You look down and blush a dark pink.
"W-Well uh..because-uhm..." Jeremy's face has a tint of red to it, "I know a friend, Jake,... and he has feelings for his friend, Rich, and Rich has feelings for him too. If you were Jake, what would you do?" Jeremy said quickly, slurring words together.
"I mean, I would ask him out! But make sure it was pretty romantic. If your best friends you should know the perfect way to ask them out." You say and start thinking that you should listen to your own advice.
"Cool." Jeremy nodded and started playing the game again.
You play too and think to yourself, aren't Jake and Rich already together?
One Month Later...
You are still Micheal Mell and right now you are asleep.
Suddenly, around 4am you start hearing rock hitting your window. You groan and look out the window to see what it was.
When you look out, to see Jeremy throwing rocks until he sees you. He starts freaking out and turns on a flashlight he had. You smile softly, unsure of what's he's doing. He holds up a sign, but drops the flashlight so you can't read what it says.
You open the window and stick your head out, "What the fuck are you doing?"
"I'm trying to be romantic ok?" He yells back and puts the flashlight in front out him so you could read the sign.
'Will You Be My Player Two?' Is what the sign said. It had cheesy pink hearts around it and you can't help but laugh a bit.
You climb out your window and down the roof, like you have down millions of times before when you sneak out.
"This is s-so gay, Jer." You look around to see a bag filled with 90's soft drinks and bags of chips.
"W-Well that's the point..I'm asking you out." Jeremy sets the sign down and you hug him. Since he's so tiny you ended up picking him up.
"I will gladly go out with you." You smile and he kisses you softly.
Your name is Michael Mell and you're dating the best person in the world.

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