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                              「 When They First Became Friends 。」

Eiji couldn't help but watch as the young girl—his master, he rephrased—struggled with braiding her hair. Seated on a bellamy swivel vanity chair that was facing the full-length mirror plastered on the maroon painted wall adjacent to the walk-in closet's and bathroom's doors, Y/N was obdurately twisting the tormented strands together, trying to interweave them into a casual plait. Yet, with each forcible attempt, she was purely succeeding in producing an augmenting phenomenal cluster of frightful knots. If someone didn't interfere presently, his master might resort to scissors by the end.

The image of a disgruntled short haired Y/N with watery eyes floated to the forefront of his mind. Eiji couldn't stifle the amused smile tugging at his lips.

Carefully setting down the cup of milk he'd been instructed to bring her daily prior to bedtime, the cup clinked gently on the bedside table's glassy surface, the illumination directly coming from the lamp casting a shadow across the white liquid. Near the cup was a glass that was halfway empty of water and a small phial fraught with damson colored pills that had practically shimmering golden lines swirling to connect to the letter M marked boldly in the middle; Y/N's valued medicine.

Noticing the phial was sloppily undone despite being used earlier, Eiji gingerly scooped it up to fasten it with dexterous fingers, keeping his grip purposely loose so as to not inadvertently crush it, but also sufficiently firm so as to not drop it. He returned it to its placement without haste and far too dubiously only after appeasing his urge to scrutinize the pills solidly contained inside.

Eiji had never seen a medicine more bizarre than them.

He shrugged off his curiosity, instead moving to prepare the bed—a four poster canopy bed with silver curtains—as was the routine, he drew aside the cerise silken duvet, then adjusted the cozily puffy pillows. Satisfied with his brisk work, he stood back, eyes sweeping the room to check for anything amiss, his gaze roving from the far left side where a substantial bookcase encasing sundry challenging books and a lowboy table were arranged near the balcony's double door, to the the front wall where there was an organized wooden bureau desk, an extensive double hung window overlooking the garden above it, and an antique leather swivel chair pushed against it.

Straightening up, spine rigid and chin held high, his attention reverted to the heiress. He wasn't surprised to note her ongoing struggle, he had the sneaking feeling it was going to take her plenty of time to conquer her self-appointed mission— maybe. He reflectively hesitated, running the thought once again, and recognizing it was riddled with flaws. Rather, it was going to take her a while to give up. During the two months he had spent in her presence, Eiji had gradually came to understand stubbornness flowed in her veins as strongly as her noble blood.

Honestly, it was endearing.

Absently, Eiji walked towards the carpeted area residing in the spacious chamber's midst. It was the place Y/N would have her meals in, alternatively to eating in the dining room. The familiar scene of her lounging there was vivid enough in his head that he could effortlessly imagine her on the beige colored bridgewater sofa in the next day; a delicate square shaped lavender pillow atop her lap to support the weight of a book, an identical pillow resting behind her for comfort. Eiji would be standing tall alongside one of the beige button-tufted accent chairs that were situated on either side of the sofa, positioned to face each other. Every five heartbeats or so, Y/N would lean forward with a silver fork to collect a bite from the dishes dispersed across the table.

The first time he had witnessed her lack of etiquette, Eiji didn't know what to think. It had never occurred to him that wealthy women were able to act so carelessly.

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