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10. In My Dreams/ Stupid Me

Nia Riley


He strolled into the hotel room that was only lit up with the flames of the candles around the room and tore off his shirt. God he was so sexy.

“You ready?" He questioned and stalked over to me on the bed. I nodded and just stared at him.

How we'd gotten to this situation I didn't know, but I was so happy we had. I needed him more than anything right now.

"Come here baby, lemme see your pretty ass." He commanded and I just moaned at the huskiness of his voice. Whenever he wanted me to do anything, all he had to do was put on his Southern accent, and I was done for. "Take these off. Stand up and take these off." I stood up from the bed and he laid back in the spot I was just in.

“Strip for me baby.” Those words had me unbuttoning my American Apparel high waisted jeans and dashing them across the hotel room.

“Go slower baby, what’s the rush?” He mumbled and placed his large ink covered hands on my thighs, separating them so he could sit in between them. I followed his instructions and pulled off my shirt, but this time slower than before.

“You’re so sexy baby.”

“You tell me that all the time.” I whispered, but he just laughed.

“And I’ll keep on telling ya sexy ass as long as you let me.”


He was always saying little things like that, ‘as long as you’ll let me’, ‘as long as we’re together’, but there was none of that. Everything we did stayed in the hotel rooms, or in the safety of our bedrooms.

“Make love to me please.” I murmured and straddled his jean covered thighs.

“I got you.” He quickly flipped us over and my bare back touched the soft Egyptian cotton sheets. I felt his fingers weave into the edges of my panties and tug them down. I was already soaking from his words, so there was no need for foreplay. I wanted this so badly, no I needed it.

He slid into my wet canal and buried himself into me until he couldn't anymore. I cried out in agony and pleasure from the thick member stretching me out.

"God you're so tight. Your shit don't wanna let a nigga in, but I'm in here." He groaned out and buried his head in my neck, gently kissing and sucking skin.

Yep, he was definitely in here.

"You ready?" He questioned and I nodded my head lightly. God he was so big.

"Yes, give it to me please."

He slowly started pumping into me with a slow snail pace, and waited for me to adjust.

"Faster?" He asked while increasing his pace and reaching down in between our bodies to rub his fingers against my throbbing pearl.

"F-fffuck don't stop please." I cried out as he continued to slam into me to a fast rhythm inside of his head. Thrust,thrust, thrust, pull out, thrust, thrust, pull out.

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