Chapter two:

Max and I sat side by side on the sofa, completely exhausted from unpacking everything I owned and were watching Helena dance around the floor as she worked her earth abilities on the plants. It was amazing to watch as the vines slithered around the banisters and the flowers bloomed just that little bit more to brighten up the atmosphere.

The sun shone through the balcony door and a light breeze rustled the leaves of the plants. The apartment continuously had a beautiful floral scent that lingered in my nose and I was finding it very calming.

“Aw you need a little more sunlight” Helena cooed to a potted plant before she placed it on the balcony, “Ooh and you look a little thirsty” she murmured to another potted flower.

I smiled and waved my fingers, feeling the water molecules gather between my fingertips, then as I saw the little ball of water appear I pushed my hand towards the flower and the ball of water travelled over the top of it. I spread my fingers apart and the ball sprinkled down like a mini liquid cloud raining over the beautiful petals.

“Ooh! That was amazing Val!” Helena clapped. “I’m so happy you’re my room-mate! “

I grinned at her enthusiasm and Max applauded me. “You seem like you have a lot of control over your abilities Val” Max pointed out. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled, I wasn’t used to having people compliment me on my abilities when it was something I kept quiet before coming to Abled University.

“So Val, how old are you?” Helena asked sitting down, finally finished with her plants.

“I’m eighteen on Saturday, how about you guys?”

“What! It’s your birthday on Saturday?! We have to have a party! It’ll be like a ‘happy birthday/get to know everyone party’”

I actually hadn’t even thought about it but it sounded like an awesome idea so Max and I quickly agreed and I started deciding on getting food and drinks while Max and Helena would spread the word. I was excited about everything and it seemed like Helena’s enthusiasm was extremely contagious.

“Let’s go Max, we only have two days to let everyone know about this party!” Helena urged while practically jumping from one foot to the other in the door way. He laughed and rolled his eyes.

“Ok, ok I’m going. I’ll catch you later Val” he said giving a quick wave of his fingers before Helena pulled him out into the corridor screaming ‘PARTY AT ROOM 427 ON SATURDAY!’

I chuckled to myself before I gathered my keys and purse, checking inside if I had my wallet, then locked up before heading to the bottle shop and the groceries for the snacks.


“Val what do you think of this one?” Helena asked me as she twirled around showing off her loose flowing halter top constructed from several layers of shimmery chiffon. It had different hues of green and gave of a hippie kind of look. She wore denim shorts underneath and finished her look with strappy green wedges.

“It’s absolutely perfect Helena” I gushed. Her hair was tumbling down her back in beautiful curls and her make up was done to perfection.

She blushed then froze. “Val! Why the heck aren’t you ready yet?”

“Because you said, and I quote, ‘Val, drop everything you are doing right now and help me please!’”  I laughed as I did a bad imitation of Helena’s voice.

She scrunched her nose and giggled, “Oh... woopsies!”

I laughed then moved over to my wardrobe flinging a sapphire blue dress onto my bed. I could hear Helena cooing over my dress and I chuckled, she was too cute sometimes. I showered then slipped on the dress noticing it fit a little snugger than I remember. I guess I really should back off the boredom eating.

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