Chapter Forty Six

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Chapter Forty Six (Unedited)

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"All that you are is all that I'll ever need." - Ed Sheeran

Zion's POV

We lost again in our Inter-school football league. It was already twice in a row. One more time and we'd be out. It was really depressing. All the hard work and training didn't pay off. Izzy wouldn't give the ball to me even though I was open. He did not want me to get the shots. He messed up the games.

Our coach, Mr. Garrett was so upset and kicked Izzy out of the team. He was warned before but he did it again. 

And now, Izzy blamed me saying that it was my idea that he'd be out of the team. In fact, I told Mr. Garrett to give him a chance. But Mr. Garrett would not consider him anymore. Izzy became a nuisance in the team - skipping practices, always late and being stubborn in following instructions. One time he argued with our team mate, Norman Hart when the latter accidentally tripped him during our practice. Until now they were not in good terms.

I was in the toilet washing my hand when Izzy came. We were both alone and the tension was deafening. He was glaring at me furiously, then chuckled - like something was funny. 

I avoided looking at him and just continued washing my hands. I couldn't believe that this guy standing beside me happened to be my best friend for ten years. We knew each other's secrets. We had adventures together learning swimming, football, basketball, skateboarding - even dancing and other things. We learned some good and bad stuff together. But now, the lively, adventurous and funny guy I knew was gone. He was like a stranger to me.

Yeah. It was my fault. I made him this way. I apologized but still, he wouldn't have a heart to forgive me.

"You really have the nerve to cross anyone. You don't care who gets hurt as long as you get what you want." Izzy said, looking at me on the mirror. "You're a piece of shit!"

I did not respond. As much as possible I wanted to stay out of trouble. I knew once I'd say anything, it would just provoke him and make the situation uglier.

"You know what I think of you? You're a snake. A traitor! You don't deserve to be a friend of anyone." Izzy continued. He was emotionally attacking me. Trying to find ways to hurt and kick me in my most sensitive spot. "You're so f*cking insecure! Nobody wanted you even your parents when you were born. They had you adopted!"

That was too much. He became abusive, hitting me below the belt. But still, I controlled my temper. I went passed him, leaving him alone.

"Claire is a slut! A gold digger!" Izzy shouted, and that made me stop.

I turned to him and gave him a big punch on his face. He stumbled on the floor. "Say that again, and you're dead."

Claire's POV

It was Saturday of April and a very special day. Zion and I celebrated our third monthsary. We spent the whole day together.  We had lunch in a very fancy restaurant and afterwards we watched Wonder Woman movie. 

Zion took me shopping. I didn't want to but he insisted. He spent too much on our last monthsary, giving me three pairs of Italian shoes. He said it was time for me to get rid of the old one.

And now, he made me pick some clothes and heels in a very expensive clothing store. I modeled for him and he gave the thumbs up or down. It was very enjoyable though. I felt so fancy.

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