Chapter 14

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Cupid, Klaus, and I stand in a row, our eyes unmoving from Romulus. His tanned skin is blotched with blood and his brown waistcoat hangs open over his ripped shirt.

"Yes," I say, "We know where Remus is."

"Where?" says Romulus.

"There's a corporation in Whitechapel," I say. "Your brother is there."

He gives a menacing grin.

"They're going to be sorry when I arrive," he says.

I think of the carnage he caused just moments before.

"I don't doubt it."

As we're talking Cupid heads over to the shutters, peering out onto the street – presumably to see if Cal and his agents are still there. Klaus upturns a wooden chair back to its feet and sits down in it, putting his head in his hands.

"Why have they taken him?" Romulus says.

"As far as we can gather, they're doing experiments on Myths and humans – injecting them with gods' blood to turn them into monsters," I say. "They want to go to War with the Cupids Matchmaking Service." I look over to Cupid with narrowed eyes. I think of what Jekyll said – about the son of the God of War being the founder. Cupid could fit that bill, and he certainly has motive for rising up against the dating service after they banished him. "Isn't that right, old friend?"

He turns, his blue green eyes glinting in the dim candlelight of the bar.

"Seems about right," he says.

I take a step forwards. If he is calling the shots here perhaps he could be reasoned with, perhaps I could get him to leave my town and take his experiments with him. On the other hand, if he is not co-operative, things could get difficult. Especially as I just gave Crystal the only weapon that can kill him.

Before I can say anything else Romulus looks at me.

"Who told you all this? Jekyll?"

I nod.

"Show me where my brother is," he says. "I must free him. Now."

I shake my head.

"I need to get a message to Crystal first."

Romulus clenches his fists and I see a shudder beneath his skin. His eyes flash.

The wolf is coming.

"Woooaaah, easy there," says Cupid – striding back towards us and giving Romulus a friendly slap on the back. "If the guy wants to visit his brother I don't see any reason why we shouldn't give him some directions."

He gives me a meaningful look.

"It's within my labyrinth," I say. "He won't find it unless he is shown."

Romulus holds my gaze – his teeth clenched.

"Show me," he says. He points at his head, "Show me. I know you have the power."

I shrug.

I suppose sending him there could solve a lot of my problems – I've no doubt he could cause a lot of damage, though if there are more monsters like Jekyll he could run into some difficulties.

Still, I could send him off to rage against the corporation, and I could deal with Cupid.

I approach the boy, put my fingertips on his temple, and I enter his mind's labyrinth. I immediately hear a growling sound. I turn. A large, snarling wolf is guarding a dark path leading one direction. I frown when I see it.

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